Advanced Iron Farm Designs

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  1. For those who have built Iron Farms, What designs are you using? I have multiple farms all using the same flying village design. With this, a single AFK point on that farm can only load 16 villages for Iron Golem Spawning.

    Multiple advanced iron farm designs have been showcased. A few years back, I built Tango's Iron Trench. After a week of tweaking and redesigning, I was unable to prevent the villages from merging into a single village. The design is now outdated with the changes 1.8 added to the farms. However, there are 1.8 Iron trench designs.

    Does anyone have an actively working design for one of these advanced farms?
  2. I always use DocM's version but with a few changes to prevent unwanted spawns. The differences for mine are the villager holding cells. I made them 2 blocks high, 2 blocks long (side-to-side) and 1 block wide. All made of glass. I had huge issues with the units being stopped because a golem would spawn on top of the villager cell. With all glass this has never happen and I've had zero issues. The only other issue that could arise is the /entc. But easily fixed by digging out the entire area (more efficient) or slabbing/lighting up the caves. You always want to make sure that there are no areas for animals to spawn as they seem to spawn in much faster and can build up to insane amounts if left unchecked.

    EDIT: Found this one on YouTube:

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  3. I think I read somewhere that iron trench and overlapping village designs are prohibited on EMC. I'm curious how you were able to see that the villages merged...are you using a mod? This would make things a lot simpler for farm construction.

    I personally use the stacked villages design with 4x4 nodes. I've seen some larger designs which have squeezed in extra columns but I'm not sure how effective this is.

    The villager holding cells have been a problem from time to time. With 1.7 I had issues with villagers breeding out of control. With 1.8 I've had issues with chunk loading which kept nudging my villagers further into the pen walls, until they finally fell out and died.

    As ThaKloned mentioned, animals can collect into small spaces where they inflate the entity count. They won't despawn because of the enclosed area. I also get animals spawning into my underground stone areas which I don't think is supposed to happen.

    I also get an occasional mob spawn in the lit areas of my collection room.
  4. not really prohibited just impossible to do you need to keep the chunk loaded indefinitely for it to work correctly which with emc's nightly reset and the fact that you cant force load a chunk by keeping it loaded through portals or build in the always loaded spawn chunk. also the mod you need to track villages isnt approved
  5. thanks for the help!
  6. The theoretical production rate of a single village is one Iron Golem / 350 Seconds ( Just under 6 minutes). After building the layered farm, I would have had 32 villages. Being said, I should had a Golem / 11 seconds. This was not the case, leading me to believe the villages had merged. I didn't know about the village mod when I built this farm.

    This is the most stable design as the villages are complete separate and cannot merge. I also use this design. but I have my villagers segregated to prevent breeding.

    The idea behind the farm design I used was to create each village each time the farm is activated. Using pistons, Villagers are moved into place to create each village separately in order to layer them. This is done every time the farm is loaded. Being said, the issue of merging should not be the case.

    As I stated above, I don't use a mod to see villages. I merely could guess as my production was less than 4% of what it should have been.
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  7. I have used NIMS most if the time, 12 of them is fairly easy for most players.

    DocMs farm is ugly and outdated in my opinion. Nasm's farm with a 18x18 spawn space instead of 16x16 is now my go to and works beautifully.

    I believe that 36 cells is possible in EMC, I'm working on this now, it just takes time :)
  8. 36 cell? How many by how many buy how many cells is that?
  9. 9 * 4 stacks of farms.
  10. I tried this. Unfortunately, Even AFKing under the center stack, you cannot load the outer villages. The best I have been able to efficiently AFK at once is 16.
  11. Ahh, hadn't though of that. If 3 high works, can"t you also just go 3 down --> 5 or 6 high?

    Would riding a minecart help?
  12. There are specific rules to be adhered to when building these farms. Door will be added to a village if they are within 66 blocks of that village. Being said, with a height limit of 256, You can only stack 4 farms on top of each other while keeping to the 66 block distance.

    A minecart used to AFK farms will be inefficient. You should keep villages loaded at all times to guarantee efficient spawns.
  13. Ahh I see, this also shows I haven't built one myself before, but I will in the future, so that's why I'm wondering about all this stuff. :p

    And okie, good to know.
  14. I built my first Iron farm back when Iron Golems first were added in 1.2.1. I used the 16 (4x4) cell design. It was the only design to hold up passed the updates that changed villages. 1.8 mechanics broke a great deal of the advanced designs.

    I was just seeing if anyone had found the solution to make one of these high density farms work on EMC. I am in the process of expanding my farm to include 32 more villages, and was hoping for better methods besides the standard.
  15. thats not really how villages work tho on emc atleast as long as the doors you have arent moving the village stays in place, no matter where the villagers are so once the chunk unloads the villages merge and persist as merged
  16. Do you have an official post/changelog stating this? It will be an EMC change as vanilla Minecraft does not adhere to that rule. If EMC is in fact different in the way the server treats villages, That will be the exact answer I am looking for.
  17. Fe(II) uses DocM's design with slight modifications by Finch. If you want to hold still while AFK, it out produces everything else I've seen to date on EMC.

    I tried the Iron Titan twice. I tore it down. Hurdles to overcome listed above by bitemenow.

    Now notice I said "if you want to hold still". I have heard about iron farms where you are on a rail. I have not gone out to personally measure their efficiency/production rates. They are certainly bigger than Fe(II), and through hearsay, I'm told they out produce anything else. I cannot verify those claims, but there's an avenue of investigation for you :)
  18. You've tried with the 66 block from center spacing? I've considered staggering slightly to buy a few block, or staggering considerably and just doing 3 farms on every other..
  19. I am looking for the most efficient design per account required to AFK. I have a few at my disposal to use and would like to design something that would be efficient for them all.

    Currently, I have each account AFKing a 16 cell farm. I had plans to include more cells, but the limit is my ability to load more chunks. I have a design that has 28 cells, but they cannot be completely AFK'ed by a single account.

    I had considered a rail system to force more farms to be loaded at a time. However, I have not yet tested it to see if the production is comparable. I may implement one in my previous additions and see what happens.