[Ads, what kinds are YOU getting?!]

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  1. Ok, so I see them ads at the top alot and am like WTF really?
    What ads do you get?

    I get:
    Western Union
    Monkey Bread....
    Free games download
    The Settlers online
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  2. Lol I get ads that are like "Free Game Hacks Here" and im like LOLLL and some for Airsoft guns and some for Actual Guns. SOo like idkk whyy but, The ads scare me
  3. None.
    Adblock for the win! :)
  4. Server providers. Almsot exclusively.
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  5. I use adblock on every site but EMC because the ads generate revenue and it's always funny to see what ads you get.

    I get ads for Dedicated Server Hosting, The Settlers Online which I think I've played before and explains why I have Forge of Empires, The Hobbit: Kingdoms of The Third Age showing up. I think I got one for a Kindle Fire and "PLAY MINECRAFT TODAY!"- I plan on it Ad, stop telling me what to do.
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  6. I paused Adblock, I got an ad for Christian Aid.

    Wait what, is Google Ads confusing me with jtc?
  7. I am getting nothing but monkey bread and ads for anything pertaining to My Little Pony .....(Big shocker right?)
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  8. 72Volt, is that whose avatar I think it is?
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  9. cough on a field?
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  10. Just say copherfield. Fear of the name brings fear of the person.
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  11. No...I made it myself.
    Are you just going to follow the crowd and pull a witchhunt on me for my avatar? Submissive sheep!
  12. Yup. Copherfield.
  13. Just asking. Looks like I was not the only one who recognized it. So you made it eh? Looks extremely similar to Copherfield's.
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  14. You shouldn't mention witchhunts......
    I have had people start witchhunts to find me in game.
    It isn't fun :p
    ._. <-------I use that face too much
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  16. Well i get the Christian Aid one quite a lot, At the moment i have Tesco bank and i get gaming ones quite a lot. You don't even want to know some of the ones i have had :p
  17. I used to talk to him too.
  18. It's too bad people have to suck sometimes:(
  19. *Gulp*