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  1. How do you get admin here? I think you fill out a forum. Thats what my friend said.They said it was on Forums but i can't find it. :( . Please reply and give me help finding it.
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  2. You can't get admin here. You can fill out an application to be a moderator though.
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  3. If I'm correct, stating you intend to become staff is grounds for automatic disqualification.
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  4. Lol, fail
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  5. You can see deleted posts.

    You can also see past edits.

    Therefore, you fail. :p

    (Plus I need sleep...)
  6. Do you mean a staff application form or to get help from a admin? You don't become admin straight away anyway you have to fill in a staff application form and you have already hurt your chances of becoming staff, you can apply here Also take in account you have only been playing a month and its very unlikely you will become staff after one month of experience.
    Edit- I thought i'd be first, god you people are too fast :p
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  7. Also you have been banned once already, this majorly decrease your chances of becoming staff. (Sorry for the double post :p)
  8. I always find these threads entertaining. "I am banned. How do I become an admin?"
  9. I've been banned too, I can't be considered for moderation if I ever decide I want to be a mod?

    Also, technically you can become an admin. But there's no application process. You just become a mod and from there, you work your way up the ladder.
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  10. Being banned doesn't help, either...
  11. I would actually say yes. I've been disqualified from many a contest because I was kicked once.
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  12. You can still apply, because everyone makes mistakes sometimes and just because you have been banned once doesn't mean that doesn't make you a good choice for being a moderator (Maybe its when you have been banned multiple times it becomes a problem) It can decrease your chances though (Well I think so anyway, I'm not a admin after all :p) I'm just pointing out to her that she has only been a member for a month, she has been banned and now she is asking how to become a admin isn't going to increase your chances one bit.
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  13. Basically your chances are .01%
    But you can do it! :D
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  14. *Gets banned for stealing, asks for Admin."
  15. Meme incoming :)
  16. :( oh well i guess i did something wrong again :'(
  17. Have I not redeemed myself?
    And I don't plan to do it, it probably won't happen and ICC will disqualificate me for being with the New Republic, probably.
  18. thanks!but i still feel bad :(
  19. The reason everyone is giving her such a hard time is because she and her brother got banned for stealing a beacon, then proceeded to spam BigDavie's wall. She got an appeal because she apparently PM'd him to do so but is having to wait out a temp ban now.

    I'm sure she learned from her mistakes just as you have, but people like to make jokes.
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