Adding other players to your residence

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  1. This has probably already been asked, but im new and dont know how to add players to your residence. Please help me? Also, after how long do you have to be offline before you lose your residence? Thankyou
  2. Check out

    Those two links will give you almost all info you need regarding residences.

    To 'add' someone to your res, the most common are 'build' 'use' and 'container'.
    commands are

    /res pset player build t <--This gives them permission to build and break blocks
    /res pset player use t <-- This gives permission for doors, buttons, crafting tables
    /res pset player container t <--This gives permission for chests, furnaces, etc.

    If you completely trust the player with Everything you have:
    /res pset player admin t <--This gives every flag
    Better completely trust them.

    To remove any of the flags, its the same command but 'f' at the end instead of 't'.

    Remember, whatever flags you give out, you are responsible for their actions on your res. If items disappear, things get built or removed, etc... you take responsibility for it, and there is not much recourse you would have if things disappear, as you gave them permission afterall.

    So, just a warning, be careful who you give flags to.
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  3. Thank you so much! Finally someone that will help me.
  4. Hey, we help each other out all the time!
    If I help you, you help me, we help others, we can have a load of fun.
    Hope to see you around the Empire, and in the mines!

    And you are very much welcome!
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