Adding a Christmas Aspect to your skin!

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  1. So uhh, I started doing this yesterday for a few people, adding christmas hats to their skin (by hand even though apparently there are things that add it :p) and if you would like one added just comment below. Its free! Happy Holidays!
    Make sure to specify if you want a green or red hat

    I may add some examples later, but currently feeling a bit lazy
  2. Can I have a Santa hat? (But make it so I still look like my headphones are on)
  3. Can you do mine?
  4. edited the op. make sure to add the info i said :p
  5. Oh red santa hat please!
  6. Red Santa hat please dark! :3
  7. already got you, you rascal
  8. I just took off my diamond helmet and saw it, I did not even ask for it, oh my god you are so awesome :3 I know you were doing it for free, so I only gave ya 500r ;) Thanks!
  9. Green hat please.
  10. uhh green or red?
  11. I'll have a red santa hat please :D
  12. Could I get a red please?
  13. I will take a red santa hat please!
  14. Red santa hat for this bear!
  15. A red hat for the mature assassin please :p
  16. Can I have a white xmas hat with a red plush wool thing? (so that it fits my suit :D)
  17. so basically, a switched version of the normal hats?

  18. Yes indeed :)
  19. Red
  20. Thanks for the elf hat. :D
    I really like it ;)
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