Add pizzazz to Enrage Monsters Spawning

Discussion in 'Suggestion Box Archives' started by zervados, Feb 24, 2014.

  1. At first, Enraged Monsters proved to be an awesome update. It can sometimes be difficult finding enraged monsters, as they do not always spawn. So I suggest that they spawn via Lightning Strike or an explosion poof. It would spice it up just a bit.
  2. I read this as add Pizzas. >.>

    Sounds cool, though the current chat messages that pop up are pretty cool, just it's sometimes a pain to find them. We had one spawn once but couldn't find it until a while later, it got stuck on a tree.
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  3. Jacob approves
  4. I thought those are only boss mobs?
  5. lol That's ok i read it as pizza to xP
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  6. Oh, I thought that's what you meant. Sorry I guess my mind is on that pizza because I'm hungry. :I *wanders off to get food*
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  7. lol Good job sky now i want pizza :p I hope your happy.
  8. How about, instead of the explosion poof, there's an actual charged creeper explosion?
  9. I like pizza mobs, too. That is good.
  10. Let's not...
  11. Try finding deserts! I like to fight in them because not only is there little-no wildlife, but Enraged are easy to spot and I think they're more apt to spawn in them. I fought off an enraged creeper, 3 enraged zombies, and 4 enraged skeletons in 1 night 1 day ago, though b/c I'm a hunter I've seen more than that in my time!!:D Just a thought.