Add [ Appeal a Ban ] on the very top next to the Supporter link

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  1. At the very top, it should say [ Become a Supporter ] [ Appeal a Ban ]

    I say this because it gives players a direction to go towards when they felt they are wrongfully banned or just want to appeal one. This will lessen the amount of "Unban Me" threads and help players reach help faster.
  2. Thank you! I hate when people post a thread about an appeal. My friend was banned 1 hour after joining for an illegal mod that he disabled right after he joined (because his brother reported him) and I helped him appeal. I cannot stand when someone posts a thread and talks like "Plz unban me modz, I'z wil b gr8 n nevr b bad agin"
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  3. This would be good. But isn't currently possible AFAIK. The Supporter link is something that the style put in, and I'm not sure whether you can add a second one. It might be possible to modify the style to add a second link, but it could break a few things...
  4. Make it big, red, and bold if you do please.
  5. Possibly replace the current one then?
  6. Aikar has plans that the website will redirect you to a ban appeal page if you're banned. Expect it some time in 20XX, if Doctor Wily doesn't rule the world by then.
  7. Nah, i do not expect doctor wily. I expect the world to be enslaved by google or maybe cat vidoes.
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  8. The thing you least expect might rule the world..
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  9. Off topic: That Amazon drone+Stereotypical Texans & Guns= Free stuff :p
  10. I honestly find those threads very amusing and enjoy seeing them lol.
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  11. It is good reading :p

    And it also shows who of the community will actually help, and who will just post saying that it's the wrong way to appeal and then move on.
  12. You should also remember that there's a very slim number of people that post threads first instead of appealing correctly, you just don't see who does it the right way :) Not that this wouldn't be good, however seeing as Aikar is going to redirect banned players, we should wait for that connection to be made between the game and site instead of having an "Appeal your ban" button for everyone at the top which only 1% will need.
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