Actually made a good building!

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  1. Let me start off by saying that I'm not a good builder. My builds always turn out blocky, and I can never seem to get them just right. So, when I was building my HQ for The Inkstain, I expected yet another mediocre building. So I started building, and I realized it might look cool if I put glass panes in the corners. It did. But then the sides looked weird, so after a few edits, one thing led to another and I got this:

    In my opinion, it actually looks half-decent, so I'm pretty proud of myself. :p
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  2. Good job sir :)
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  3. I really like the white stained panes, makes it look like LED lines. That's a brilliant idea :)
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  4. Mind=Blown.
  5. It's way better than anything I could've done in each case :p I like it :)