Accidental Griefing

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  1. My son just got Minecraft and he built a base with some other guys. One of them built a treehouse. I was there helping my son on a project and he decided to set a sheep on fire not realizing that the sheep would set everything around him fire. In other words the treehouse was burnt to the ground. We ran around doing our best to put it out but the treehouse was lost. I don't know how he had it set up or I would fix it. My son doesn't know which of his friends the house belonged to or I would message him myself. I've been on the server a long time and now I'm worried we may get banned. Any advice?
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  2. I think you are ok because it is accidental, but I would recommend contacting a moderator or admin and explain your situation.
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  3. My best guess is you try your best to find those members and /pm them to tell them what happened. I recommend you make signs next to where the treehouse was explaining what happened and that you will help build it again with resources. :) If you are worried always feel safe than sorry and contact a staff member explaining your situtation.
  4. I don't like to tell people how to raise their children, but you shouldn't trust him with flint and steel any more, he may train to become an pyromaniac. *jk* I'm sure the staff will understand. Since staff can track who set what on fire, when/if they get a complaint they'll be able to find out.
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  5. I suggest leaving a sign saying that you tried to kill a sheep with fire and it set the treehouse on fire.
  6. Rebuild the structure or leave a sign like QuarterStop said.
  7. Moral of the story: All sheep are arsonists by proxy.
    I bet they soak their wool in gasoline too... :confused:
  8. Since when can burning mobs start blocks on fire?...
  9. They deceive us by mixing gun cotton in with their woolly coats.
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  10. The kid probably missed the sheep while attempting to set it ablaze. :p
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  11. Yeah, that is what I was thinking lol.
    I suggest you do two things.

    1. Remove all forms of fiery death from your son, and give him a sword.
    2. Start collecting large amounts of wood and leaves, and then put them in a chest near the accident.
  12. It might be just fine.

    I think it's more likely that he clicked the ground and set it on fire, because in Minecraft, a flaming entity such as a person or a sheep can't set blocks on fire.
  13. :3
    Time for guns in Minecraft.
  14. Good Idea! I I had him put signs up, and I'm gonna head back out there with an axe, some bonemeal and shears. Thanks for all the responses.
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  15. I Left a chest containing nearly 9 full stacks of Dark Oak logs, 11 full stacks of Dark Oak Leaves, a horse egg, a full stack of Pumpkin Pie and a written book explaining everything. The Logs and leaves are probably much more than was initially used but maybe they can help with a bigger build.
  16. Wow! Finally someone who is dealing with such things in a good way! :)
  17. Please pm me about this issue and I will assist you. :)
  18. It's pretty rare to find people like this sadly. :p
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