Access sign not Working?

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  1. I had recently had an auction of mine won, and when the Winner came to pick it up, The Access sign wouldn't work, I spelled the Name right and Tried it on all 3 lines not taken up by [ ACCESS ], can someone help?
  2. If they have a long name, you should only put like the first 15 characters, or something like that
  3. Make sure the sign is above the chest
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  4. Doggie beat me to it but I'd still like to confirm that what Doggie said is the most common problem happening (at least to my knowledge) :)

    I went the extra mile and looked it up... Now, don't get me wrong here. I'm not into "exposing" the whole thing but we really need all the info we can get to sort this out. So.. Your auction was won, I confirmed you used the right name. But...

    3 chests and 2 access signs. Which chest cannot be accessed? The best strategy here is to have 3 chests next to each other (in parallel so to speak) and have signs above all three of them. The Diorite chest here remains locked, the top sign doesn't "flow through" here, it only applies to the top chest.
  5. So, the bug was fixed with the 15 characters not working?
  6. Depends on what you mean by bug, We have not changed mechanics from before the update. (even though signs allow for more text now. It's on the todo list.
  7. And what about access signs not working on armor stands?
  8. Armor stand are not blocks, so it would not make sense for access signs to work with them. What are you wanting to grant others access to?
  9. Some people in my hotel used armor stands. However, they are unable to swap the armor they put on the armor stand, getting the message that they need the +container flag. I tried putting access signs above the armor stand. Trying to make it stick out from the top isn't doable, so we moved the armor stand up against the wall and put a sign on the wall for [access]. It didn't work. Then I tried placing a block above the armor stand and then placing an [access] sign on it, like it was a door. Still didn't work.
    Ultimately, we're getting the message that others need the +container flag to be able to use the armor stands. I thought [access] signs just hadn't been updated for them.
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  10. Armour stands are entities. Access signs dont work on entities.
  11. Put the sign above the chest, and as chickeneer said
    Try this wiki page for more info on this:
  12. Armor stands have a health bar, for some weird reason, so they can't have an access sign, more info on this is on
  13. I would like it if access signs could be placed on the chest though. I have my room setup so people can access just fine I never have issues, but there have been many auctions I have won where the sign was ON the chest... :p
  14. But if they make it so it's done on the chest then they have to delete the ability for the sign to work for the chest below >.> 'cause otherwise you could be giving access, hypothetically, to the door below the chest that has an access sign on it xD
  15. EH?!
    could chickeneer somehow change .... something? At least the message for the +container flag? xD! I have no idea. It's just confusing lol.
  16. entity means it has health to it, like boats and minecarts, I think in future plans they will allow access to these things but for now just put the items in chest. :)
  17. There's no point in putting the items in the chests.
    They used armor stands for decor purposes and sometimes like to swap out the decorations.
  18. Still, it doesn't work as a chest, its just as you have said a "decoration"
  19. Yet you still need +container to access it.
    It's just strange xD