Abella for President(Ruler) of EMC

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Abella for Ruler

Yes 2 vote(s) 5.0%
YES 1 vote(s) 2.5%
OMGYES 8 vote(s) 20.0%
copherfield 20 vote(s) 50.0%
Cheese Wedge 9 vote(s) 22.5%
  1. I nominate SillyWhiteMage for President(Ruler) of EMC.

    She knows what is best for you so just accept that and do what she says.

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  2. ......
  3. I voted for copafeel. He seems like a nice guy.
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  5. A magical place called the internet. You should visit sometime.
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  6. *Looks at thread title*
    Abella: I think not.
    *Scrolls down*
    Ohh, SillyWhiteMage. I think yes.
  7. i don't know what to search on google tho.
  8. Abella is my primary name used for relaying of information.
  9. is one of them I use.
    Added spoiler, though its meant for only safe for work stuff, other stuff gets posted.
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  10. I vote for SWM to be the President of EMC, except for SMP5, I want presidency in that area. Or at least mayorship.
  11. Official press release of the Richter Office.

    To whom it may concern,

    I regret to inform any and all that I am already president of our great EMC nation.
    I promise to lead our nation into what history will call our most glorious era.
    However I understand your sorrow for your defeated candidate and have a compromise.
    Although I am not willing to abdicate my seat I am in need of a Supreme Overlord Communicator of All.
    With this position come many beneficial perks:
    -A comfy sofa
    -Bags of only the most flavorful chips
    -A sea serpent
    -The right to call yourself the Supreme Overlord Communicator of All
    -And much more

    Please respond at your leisure.
    I do look forward to our mutually beneficial arrangement.

    President Richter

    P.s. Please direct any further questions to my office regarding this previously stated position.
    We will reply in a timely manner.
  12. Wait, what?
    I just don't get what i have to do with democracy on EMC? Don't you get that Justin it's the Tyran of this Empire?
    LOL :p Why do you think he called it EMPIRE?

    DISCLAIMER*I'm just kidding, I find it hilarious to exist such thread and I love this commedy, also, I personally don't know why I'm at this poll, but yeah, whatever...*
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  13. What makes you believe that my presidency is a democracy?
    That my friend is a question you will soon find answered by my secret ninja service.
    Which happens to also be a perk of becoming Supreme Overlord Communicator of All.
    Well, you know, your ninjas aint nothing against my soldiers, leaded by Twitch1 and ISmooch. I mean, who wants more than that?
  15. REVOLT!!!
    And if you think you rule over me you will get a revolt, and a punch in the face! :p
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  16. I don't think you fully understand. My "armies" as you barbarically call them can undermine and reconstruct empires in a matter of days while the citizens remain oblivious to any change. I concede that your generals are indeed powerful, but they will fall... just as everyone has fallen and turn to me as their true leader.
    Muahahaha! *Lightning*
  17. Not me. I work alone, i dont care if i dont have government support.;) also i havent fallen and i have 12000r sitting around, because im deciding not to spend it all at once for once ever.
  18. It's not like you can work alone, here you don't do whatever you want. It's a tyrany bro!
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  19. Copherfield I, President Richter, have a new proposition.

    I like you, you understand the order of things, and how to be ruthless. I see a diamond shining under your rough uncut exterior. Therefore I would like to propose we create the Legion of Tyrannical Doom. Under our rule we will weed out our enemies and defeat griefers before they've even griefed. Let us rule this empire with an iron fist of tyrannical justice and forge our own path to greatness!