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  1. I challenge you to a Pokemon battle!
    Go, ABBA!

    Alright, so everyone has been complaining about iron farms not working, but if you just go caving in one good system for 20-30 minutes you can get more gold than a gold farm, diamonds, redstone, lapis (which by the way, is needed for enchanting in 1.8) and a large amount of iron.
    So to the point: in order to provide a more fun way to get resources and prove that it still gets you PLENTY of resources, I want to introduce ABBA caving to the community. It is a game that has rapidly been spreading throughout the youtube community, and I think it could do us just as much good.
    And what a better way to introduce this game then to have a little tournament?!

    Here's how it works: Post below that you want in and I will enter you into a drawing in which the tournament matchups will be set from. You will be matched up against players in rounds, and the winnings go into the winnings chest that I will set up on my residence. (Clarification: the winnings are the ores you find, they must all be deposited in the chest for the first second and third place players) The first place player gets all the diamond, 1/2 the gold, 1/2 the redstone and half of everything else. The second and third place players split the remainder.

    -Note: You must work with the other player to complete your matches, in areas such as time, server and location. Try to compromise, especially if you live in completely different time zones. If you cannot, both players will be out and one loser will be selected to fill the spot in the next round.

    What you need:
    -To sign up, obviously
    -A silk touch pickaxe (REQUIRED, YOU MUST USE SILK TOUCH)
    -Torches (unless you have the next item)
    -Potions (Recommended but optional, fire resist, night vision, speed, health, etc)
    -some decent armor
    -some food

    How it is scored-
    These are based off of the unofficial mindcrack rules, but with a twist for our purposes.

    Emerald-25 points
    Diamond-30 points
    gold-10 points
    Lapis Lazuli-11 points
    Iron-1 point
    coal-1/2 point

    If you find items in a mineshaft or dungeon chest, they are worth:
    Horse Armor- 15
    Music Disc-15


    I am allowing a maximum of 32 players to be entered!!!!! Enter Fast, and don't post below unless you have questions or want to sign up. If you post below to try to sign up you will not be entered.

    You are required to post the results of your match below within one week of your matchup being posted. I will bump this thread with a notice saying that the matchups are posted, but it is your responsibility to check.
    Sign up cutoff is next sunday, unless we get 32 players before hand.

    KingGrigori V maxthegreat2
    Elysphic V neonkillah --- --- --- Elysphic drops out, neon wins by default.
    samsimx V AmusedStew
    skrillexrocks500 V brickstrike
    JoshyRocks13V DemonThunder345
    SILVERMAN2 V xHaro_der
    kyle12cu1V marine4121

    neonkillah V KingGrigori
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  2. hey ive seen this, looks fun!! I want to join :)
  3. Im down for some mining
  4. Im down, but I think maybe using mumble for something like this is a good thing so that the timing is exact?
    *sees thread as he is watching xisuma's abba game on hermitcraft*
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  5. Amused, the timing doesn't have to be exact, you have a one week window to arrange the game so that timezones do not matter.
  6. I meant game timing... some players might cheat their way out to grab a few last ores. ;)
  7. Ah, true true. I guess it's sort of like the winnings chest, it relies on player honesty to put all of the ores into the hopper, not just the ones they don't want.

    Also, if the time runs out and they see diamonds ore something, they can take them and keep them, so it doesn't add to the score.
  8. Hey, sounds pretty cool, and hopefully I can join in :p
    Just one question though, Why aren't redstone and lapis worth anything?
  9. The system they use on hermitcraft is:
    Diamond: 12
    Emerald: 10
    Redstone&Lapis: 6
    Iron: 1
    Coal: 0
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  10. *cough* Gold *cough*
  11. Well, the original system I put down was just a placeholder more or less. I'm still trying to figure out a better one, but I will take the hermitcraft one into consideration as well.
    NOTICE-More detailed point system, as well are more balanced.
  12. Wish I can join.
  13. Ok, I am going to assume all the people saying they wish or hope they can join want to join. In the future, say you want to join if you want to join WITHOUT a "hope" or a "wish". If you do, I will assume you mean you have some reason you can't join.
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  14. I don't have silk touch so I won't play.
  15. When is this going to be?
  16. I can supply one silk touch book for anyone who doesnt have silk touch, it will cost you 10 emeralds though.
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  17. I think I'll join this.
  18. Count me in :p
  19. bump! we need moar playerz