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Discussion in 'Suggestion Box Archives' started by zervados, Sep 24, 2015.

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  1. Auctionable tag
    - Allows us to see if it is auctionable. If so, in what quantities?
    - Example:
  2. Very interesting but you could just look it up at Auction rules
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  3. Is that a reason not to add it?
    The wiki is basically a knowledge center. Now people can just go to one page and find everything out about the item instead of going to the wiki page and then the auction page.
  4. No it's not a reason to not have it just it's already there but I like the idea
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  5. Personally, I disagree. For one, giving non-staff members control of rules (even if it's just a typo) could result in bad consequences. Listing rules on a separate, official thread gives staff the sole power to make and advertise rules.

    Second, the info displayed on the sidebar pertains to in-game info only - lore, type, update, etc are all info that identify an item. In my opinion, it'd be out of place to put that extra info in there.
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  6. I disagree.
    1. Not giving control of rules. Just giving control of spreading information on the wiki, which is what it was made for.
    2. I have nothing for this part, just know that I disagree with it. *shakes fist*
  7. I think it's a great idea! I mean, it's really just a convenience thing, but it wouldn't be extremely difficult. I mean, look at all the Contribution Team members we have.
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  8. Staff makes the auction rules. Wiki team adds rules onto wiki. That's what's been happening the past year or so. This wouldn't really make any non-beneficial differences.

    Typos wouldn't really matter. That'd be more like misinformation, which is excusable and fixable very quickly once discovered, like every other error that has been spotted and corrected on the wiki.

    I can't honestly see a downside to them writing this down. (been making like, 100 edits to this post)
  9. When we update rules like auctionable items, it we have to currently update 2 locations. Adding this change changes that number drastically and would increase the chance that information is misrepresented.

    Misinformation on something relating to rules is not acceptable
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  10. But how often are rules updated enough to change more than one item's auctioning status? Wouldn't that just add one more spot to update, which is updated by those who aren't extraordinarily busy staff (wiki writers)?

    I also don't understand the misinformation bit. Unless the wiki writers are completely uninformed by staff about any updates made, couldn't they just be messaged on a group convo like, "Reminder, we updated x, the new auction status is y"
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  11. Though I do not agree with you, I see where you are coming from.

    I really do think this could and will work. Auction changes do not happen often and you have an entire team checking the wiki, I hope.
  12. Misrepresented? Could you elaborate a bit more? That part kinda confused me :confused:
  13. The auction rule could be a DC per potion but the wiki could say an SC per potion.
  14. Wiki editing is strictly limited for rules related posts. In addition the auctionable items list pertains to the forums only. Having it on the item page would make this confusing to players that would be trying to look up the item for an ingame auction.
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  15. Well that'd be why the info would be double checked.
  16. This seems like a pretty simple addition, and with all of the Contribution Team members, it shouldn't take too long. As long as they double check the information they've added, there shouldn't be a problem with someone getting the wrong information. And as far as rule changes and this adding more to the load, I don't think the rules change often enough for that to be a concern here.
  17. Couldn't you just add a designation that the Auction Rule is for forums only?
  18. Alright guys, it seems to me this won't be added.

    It's just a matter of trust.
  19. Don't give up just yet, it's a great idea and I personally think it would make things easier.
  20. I don't understand the first thing you said, but in the box, it could say:
    Forum Auctionable? (Yes/No)
    Quantity? (number/restrictions)
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