A very sad Clock

Discussion in 'General Minecraft Discussion' started by zervados, Feb 8, 2014.

  1. Are you in a good mood today? That is great! Watch this video and reply with your reaction to it.
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  2. welp, now i know what ill be running till the end of time
  3. So depressing, I wanna build one now...
  4. I thought you made another thread about me when I saw the title :p.

    First thread was about my skin being on a blog

    Second thread was about me being in frozen

    then i thought this was a thread about me again.
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  5. That is exactly what I thought too!
  6. Depressing... I mean, I know about all dat stuff, but you generally try not to think about the end of the universe.

    Also, doctor who thinks the end of the universe will be in 3 trillion years. -_-
  7. You can not know that. A billion, a trillion, a quadrillion years is so far away you can not know what will happen then.
  8. I love how it's not pointless at all :p
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  9. I knew of the end of the world, but I choose to shove all this from my mind... This is indeed deeply depressing, and I choose only to hope that there is yet another universe beyond this one, in which I can finally see her again... It makes my regret my life, my choices, yearn only to correct them, speak with them, say goodbye for real, with no bitterness in my voice... I don't know if I want to live in a temporary universe anymore. Honestly, am I so important that my death should even be worrying to others, when the universe itself shall die one day? I think not. This deserves more thought, thought that I have little time to think of. I shall leave this thread now. Thanks for that lovely minute of actual contemplation you forced upon me, Sky.
  10. no probs, brah