A Trip To The Old EMC Tutorial :D

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  1. So me, Starrock13, Usb25, Gearmaster09 and lachlan61 decided to revisit the old tutorial viewing area and ended up enderpearling into the actual tutorial area.
    I decided to make a forum with screenshots of the whole tutorial so here they are, for the new members that dont remember this, this was the Tutorial from quite a while back, and it was also the tutorial that I had to do to join EMC. :D

    2014-08-23_13.27.38.png 2014-08-23_13.27.44.png 2014-08-23_13.27.48.png 2014-08-23_13.28.00.png 2014-08-23_13.28.04.png 2014-08-23_13.28.06.png 2014-08-23_13.28.09.png 2014-08-23_13.28.41.png 2014-08-23_13.28.45.png 2014-08-23_13.28.48.png 2014-08-23_13.28.50.png 2014-08-23_13.29.23.png 2014-08-23_13.29.26.png 2014-08-23_13.29.29.png 2014-08-23_13.30.18.png 2014-08-23_13.30.21.png 2014-08-23_13.30.23.png 2014-08-23_13.30.48.png 2014-08-23_13.31.18.png 2014-08-23_13.32.06.png
  2. More screenshots. :D

    2014-08-23_13.35.02.png 2014-08-23_13.35.07.png 2014-08-23_13.35.10.png 2014-08-23_13.35.13.png 2014-08-23_13.35.18.png 2014-08-23_13.35.22.png 2014-08-23_13.35.25.png 2014-08-23_13.39.27.png 2014-08-23_13.39.28.png 2014-08-23_13.39.29.png 2014-08-23_13.32.10.png 2014-08-23_13.32.13.png 2014-08-23_13.32.16.png 2014-08-23_13.32.49.png 2014-08-23_13.32.57.png 2014-08-23_13.33.10.png 2014-08-23_13.33.13.png 2014-08-23_13.33.22.png 2014-08-23_13.34.32.png 2014-08-23_13.34.34.png

    Sorry for not using F1, I didn't really think about it at the time :p
  3. Ahh, brings back good memories...:)
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  4. Those were the good old days... :)
  5. This was the tutorial I joined to EMC as well :D That took quite a bit of time to get it done haha
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  6. How do you get in there? Or is it obvious and I'm just stupid
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  7. Wow! It's been a long time my former foe. (the old tutorial) :D
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  8. Thanks for this! Brings back some memories for sure.
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  9. There is a viewing area for the old tutorial on all smp's and you can glitch into the actual tutorial with enderpearls. If you ever come onto smp9 when im on i can show you.

    Same goes to anyone that wants to check it out. :D
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  10. I still spawn in the old tutorial whenever I log into servers I haven't been on since March :p
    (Which, as of 2 days ago, is absolutely none of them anymore).
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  11. Yes, I think that happened to me too!
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  12. Good riddance.
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  13. Definitely brings back memories. I remember walking through that maze when I first joined. Got myself a plot, started up my life as a noob, and, well, here I am today! :p
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  14. Even the tutorial after that old one was good. It was more open and still taught new players about the server.

    New one is very very streamlined but we have the Empire Assistant now. :)
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  15. I hated that one, the long tunnels ;-;
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