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  1. It gets a tiny bit difficult to see people who are in the Community Teams. There is that 'Meet the teams' thingy on the 'Community' page, but that isn't updated often and doesn't include everyone. Plus, it doesn't link to profiles :p

    What I'm suggesting is a page like this for the Build Team, YouTube Team, and the Contribution Team. It's a little bit easier to find people on, it would always stay updated and include all team members, it links to profiles, it's easy to implement, and all that good stuff. Everything here is probably only really a problem for me and my constant tiredness, headaches and laziness, but it's worth suggesting :p
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  2. Then go update it lol
    Also, what Penguin linked.
  3. Redundant or not Soul does raise an excellent point I think. Sometimes accessibility of some sections can be a little confusing or difficult.

    Maybe we could consider a merger between those pages (meet the teams vs. community teams) though that seems a bit hard / awkward. Or we could try and make some kind of connection between them so that finding the info would become more obvious.

    And yes; I know we usually talk about this somewhere else, but heck; we're not overdoing it and maybe it can be interesting for some people to get a small peek at how we work ;)
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  4. Thread creator noted suggestion redundant. Thread closed.
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