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  1. I have been thinking of a engaged enderman (overworld) and a engaged ghast (nether) so that the game will be improved :DDDDDD aint that sound cool? please add this to emc
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  2. Think you mean Enraged*
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  3. I think you are thinking of enraged, not engaged =)

    But, yes the enraged version of all mobs are planned to be coded into EMC sometime in the future.
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  4. Nah, Engaged.

    They only spawn on SMP8 and hit you with marriage fish.
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  5. Seffychan will be pleased with this.
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  6. thx for correcting my ppl i dont know how to spell many things right,
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  7. me*
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  8. Nice, but scary with the enraged endermen rushing around you.
  9. i agree, endermen is the second scariest nonboss mobs ive seen before! i mean, enderman is based on slenderman. pretty creeper.
  10. Ultimately i'm waiting to do the next batch of Enraged mobs (and potentially MiniBoss) in an all at once fashion instead of 1 at time.

    So it would be another "Survival Update".

    just have to bounce priorities and find a time I feel like its good to deviate from the main list to work on it.

    Enraged are easy to do, it's minibosses I have to spend more thought into.
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  11. and when will the update come?