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  1. This thread will be filled with my venting.
    Do you know what happens when you steam metal for too long?
    Welp, here's my first vent: =P


    Once upon a time
    I tried to take it all,
    Tried to make it work,
    Tried to crush them all.

    But it got boring, that.
    So instead I stood up tall.
    Only to find that
    The rest were mean and strong.

    So then I tried to dig
    Just a little deeper
    Into the chasm they call
    Frowned upon
    Addiction of power
    Abuse of the smile
    That lures you slowly, closer
    Until they bite.

    And then you'd think they'd cry out
    With all that blood flowing down
    But they just keep walking deeper
    Into the world they thought they knew
    With red-toothed imps cackling behind them
    Because the event was already forgotten,
    The mind already taken.

    And then I decided
    I didn't want to see.
    But it isn't that easy to stop
    The real world
    Once you've already seen it.

    All you can do is
    Let yourself be bitten
    And you won't forget,
    Just wander
    Until you've forgotten about how

    You died last night.
    And today, you just kept walking
    Down that very same path.

    Disclaimer: typed on my phone, no will to edit
    Disclaimer 2: not based on real events, at least not that i can remember >.>
    Disclaimer 3: not for the weak, this thread, it'll be filled with this sort of junk that likes to meddle with the head
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  2. The correct answer should be

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  3. I just didnt under stand xD to much to read xD
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  4. Hello little bunny,
    What a cute little bunny,
    Such pretty fur and eyes;
    I think I'll take you home.

    Hello little bunny,
    What a cute little bunny,
    Such pretty fur and eyes,
    I think I'll egg you too.

    Hello little bunny,
    I've had enough of you,
    You and your eggs are all the same
    And I've already six of you.

    Hello little bunny,
    I heard you've quite the hop
    And your feet are the source of power
    And of course, above that, humans must tower.

    Hello little bunny,
    Why are you so afraid?
    It only takes one strike
    To get to bunny heaven.

    Hello little bunny,
    Did you know I kill for sport?
    Few feet you drop,
    Yet I cannot stop
    For it is too fun
    To see you hop and drop.

    Hello little bunny,
    I will not leave you at rest.
    For you are too cute,
    Large eyes and painted fur,
    I think I'll love you
    Until the very end.

    Little bunny.
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  5. What happened to those days when games were games?
    Now that we've evolved, gaming has become a part of reality.

    What happened to those days when games were games?
    For some reason, economy has shifted to fueling minds instead of mines.

    What happened to those days when games were games?
    Service outside, servitude inside.

    Is it such a bad thing, to want games to remain as games?

    I think the possibility is large, considering
    How much people want
    To give up their souls
    For something that doesn't exist
    And never will.
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  6. I believe all species were given a directive.

    Earthworms were told to eat the dirt and put it back anew.
    Bears were told to leave fish behind to fertilize the earth.
    The lion only hunts when hungry, each meal lasting him two weeks.

    All these animals don't think twice about their actions, but they're all doing one thing:
    Keeping the Earth in harmony.

    What about us humans, then?
    Were we given a directive?
    Some kind of ulterior guidance
    To further the earth?
    Save species?

    I don't think we were.
    And if we were, we ignored it.
    We save not, want more.
    We destroy, deforest, and even dehumanize.

    If we were doing these things to harmonize, the earth should have ways of rejuvenating itself just as fast.
    But it doesn't.
    And it's dying.
    And now some of us step back and step forth and say "Let us revitalize the earth."
    But what of it?
    The earth is still dying.
    Day by day.
    More and more destruction we reap upon the earth
    Without thought
    Almost as if
    Our directive was:

    Destroy this planet.

    *Inspired by Parasyte Maxim*
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  7. I just wanna mention here that i have a new book for sale at my first res in the "written books" section. It's fitted to 1.8 format (unlike the other 3, which have been messed up ;.;) and is a collection of 5 who-am-I and what-am-I riddles that i made up spontaneously. Enjoy!

    Five 1st Riddles
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  8. You have quite the poetic style with these, can't wait to read more. You'll have to remind me to buy your book later as well =)
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  9. I wrote 3 of these oh my phone while in bed, right before going to sleep xD

    they're all spontaneous rants. I hope i can become more focused and regular rather than typing things up while half-asleep lol.
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  10. Toxicity is a disease.

    By toxicity, I mean that anger that boils up in you
    When you realize that something you're doing is wrong
    But you blame it on someone else
    And get everyone around you angry.

    By toxicity, I mean when you grow upset
    About the stupidest things,
    The smallest things in life,
    A game.

    By a game, I mean
    video games
    computer games
    card games
    major league sport games
    Any sort of "game" that you think you live for.

    Some people do live for these games.
    They strive for these games.
    They think their only future is in these games.
    I think their future only exists if they get out of there.

    Toxicity is a disease.
    It only exists in games,
    Where nothing matters except
    That instant before you
    Which you grow so angry about,
    That instant which
    Will affect neither present nor future,
    The only two changeable times.

    Toxicity is a cycle of a disease.
    Once you realize you've done something wrong,
    You want to undo it
    But you can't,
    Because it was in the past
    And everyone but you has forgotten.

    That just makes you more angry.

    Toxicity is a cycle
    Of anger
    And trying
    And trying for things that don't matter
    And trying for a thing that no longer exists
    And growing angry when you realize
    All you're doing is making things worse
    But you can't stop.
    Because to stop would mean to admit defeat.

    Toxicity is the fear of defeat.
    Everyone knows that to gain something, you must lose something.
    No one actually understands until after they gain something.
    And then they forget again,
    So that the next time they lose something,
    They grow upset,
    Thinking there's nothing more to gain.

    Toxicity is a disease
    It spreads inside of you--
    Consumes you--
    Makes you angry--
    Makes you afraid--
    Makes you judgmental--
    But only you are being judged--
    You aren't really judging anyone else--
    You're just judging yourself,
    Thinking that everyone else around you,
    Is you.

    It's only you.

    Don't be toxic.

    *Inspired by... all those League of Legend games where people are so toxic *.**
  11. Immortality

    Do you think immortality is a good thing?
    I suppose it could help save the world,
    If saving the world were humans' top priority.

    Unfortunately, our top priority seems to be taking from the earth,
    Not replenishing it.
    Our motives are self-driven.
    We want only what will benefit us;
    To do anything else would be hypocritical.

    That is why immortality for humans will end in the earth's destruction.
    If every human was immortal, what would we do?
    We'd reap the earth of its goods and put nothing back;
    We'd stare at the grey skies and mutter that the clouds are being lazy.

    We have no pity for anything that doesn't directly affect us.
    We wither away in boredom if we aren't constantly applauded.
    We rot in the very air if there isn't someone praising us.
    We want everything.
    We care for nothing.
    Immortality will only fuel our greed.
    Immortality is sought by those who have had unfulfilled lives,
    Such that this earth will eventually
    Be filled with those who think
    They deserve more
    Because they've done less.

    *Unfortunately, we've already found the cure for death. Now we wait for the destruction.
  12. *The Slime Song*

    I'm a slime,
    I'm a slime,
    I'm a slime,
    I'm a slime,

    Oh look a human,
    So tiny
    Lemme go eat him,
    Squeeze him into my big green belly--ouch!

    I'm four slimes,
    I'm four slimes,
    I'm four still-hungry slimes,
    I'm four slimes,
    I'm four slimes,
    I think I can still swallow him whole--ow!

    I'm eight slimes,
    I'm eight slimes,
    I'm drowning,
    I'm dying,
    I'm falling--but it doesn't hurt--
    Too much water,
    Must bounce,
    To get a nibble
    Of my newfound snack.

    I'm drowning,
    I'm falling,
    I'm tilting,
    I'm dying,
    I'm being slashed,
    I'm being hacked,
    I'm being smashed.
    I'm being shot.

    I've shrunk
    Into a few balls
    What will I do?
    I'm still hungry.
    I'm alive!
    Yet plastered to a wall,
    Some sort of hard brown substance
    That keeps pushing me and all;

    I'm still a slime,
    Still a slime,
    Just cut and wiped
    And put together again!

    I'm a slime,
    I'm a slime,
    Just made for your convenience, is all!

    *Inspired by that "I'm a Sapling" youtube video from a long time ago*
  13. I am experiencing for the first time...

    Gaming boredom burnout.


    Burning yourself out to being physically and mentally tired through games, becoming bored from the repetition no matter how many accounts and games you switch between... And then, simply, becoming tired.

    This tiredness is not worth it.
    I feel empty and full of an intense burning pain that isn't strong enough to kill me fast but kills me slowly, so that I think I might be able to play a bit more and survive on snacks but

    My body and brain are tired of the computer.
    Tired of clicking and hitting keys.
    Tired of staring at a bright screen that can't ever be bright enough.
    Tired of games.

    It's the oppsite of what gamers claim: play more, play more, and play even more and you'll find yourself engulfed in a sweet electric paradise.

    Well, maybe not in those exact words.

    But either way, I suppose this just means...

    I'm not a gamer?
  14. They say that you only start to appreciate things
    Once you've had that thing taken away.

    So why is it that
    I crave nonsensically for those things
    Without actually wanting them?

    It's merely an attachment I've grown,
    Nothing more.

    There's no appreciation for anything
    When we're apart,
    Just a longing.
    The appreciation comes
    When we're together,
    Because that's when the laughter comes,
    When a smile tugs at my lips.

    Away from you,
    Unable to reach you,
    There is no appreciation,
    Only longing,
    Despite knowing the pains of having you.
  15. Pain does something to your mind.

    I can't say I know for sure what it does, though.

    After a bit, it just stops hurting.
    You get used to the pain.
    A numbness replaces it.

    I can't say if not feeling pain is good
    Because who wants to feel pain,
    Except when they're not sure they're alive?

    But in that sense,
    This pain is bad
    Because it stops you from feeling pain
    And then you're not sure if you're alive.

    The pain I speak of is eternal pain,
    Endless pain,
    Brutal, repetitive, scarring pain
    As opposed to a mere prod
    That we all get daily.

    I can't say that eternal pain is bad.
    It hurts to the point of making us forget to breathe
    But at the same time, we do breathe.
    And our life is then dedicated to finding a way out
    From this suffering.
    From this hell we've created ourselves

    Because what hell is not personal?

    I suppose in this sense, the devil doesn't exist.
    Because there's too many of us in need
    Of eternal pain
    And a cure for longevity.

    I'm sorry, did I say something wrong, there?
    A cure for longevity
    Means to live less long,

    The devil would be someone
    Who makes certain to shorten our lives
    Perhaps not in years but
    In the strength of our soul.

    I can't say if pain is good
    Because no matter what the reason for it is,
    It draws the devil near.
    And I can't say if pain is bad,
    Because no matter what the reason for it is,
    It keeps the devil at bay,
    Away from those who truly need to be tormented,
    Thus making the torment worse.
    Waiting is worse.

    Waiting can be painful.
    True pain is that which one suffers through nothingness.
    Through waiting,
    Despite all attempts to forget that
    We are waiting.

    Suffer with us.
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