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  1. NOTE: This is NOT a goodbye thread. This is NOT a complaint or rant. Please read the WHOLE thread before commenting.
    Due to the recent activities and events, that some may call drama, I am posting this to clear up a few things and to address my concerns.

    The Departure
    My questioning of leaving was not the fact that certain people were promoted to staff, but a personal issue with a past friend whom should not go through as much pain as I have in these past few days, and whom I will try to befriend once more. I, at first, was not happy about the new mods, but I was not angry or sad because of the new mods. I am the type of person who is not used to change in this way. I do admit that I have made bad decisions in my past, as almost everyone has. I have had a past of anxiety and paranoia in terms of trust, and for a reason, I did not trust this decision. Most recently, I had decided to go ahead and put all my trust in the new and old staff and see what happens.

    The Profile Statuses, pictures, and threads
    The statuses were made to announce that I may have be leaving, but was made in Russian to make it not seem public. I did not expect others to do what I did and also make Russian statuses, and I did not want as many people that did put Russian statuses as I would have wanted or imagined. To me, I admire the Russian language, as the originating country is big in size, government, and power and has gone through many changes that are both good and bad for different people, as it can be compared to the Empire community.
    I had changed my profile picture in a sense, to keep the creepy theme of my personality, and in another sense to be compared to a broken television set or a corrupted image that needed fixing and change. Others in my "group"(explained in the next part) had decided that, they too, wanted a similar image done to their profile picture, and I had decided to do so for those that had requested.
    The thread that was made to tribute/honor my leaving was thought by me to be one of the appreciation threads, similar to the Equinox, etc. appreciation threads, but it was not so. I did not expect it to sound the way it did, and I talked to the creator that I would rather have him/her post it without any mention of me leaving. I did not encourage him/her to make the thread, as I simply said "K" at the notice that it would be created.

    The "Group"
    I did not originally create the group to what it has been described as, and it is not how it is described. I originally created a group explaining to my friends why I was leaving, and only that, and it somehow turned into a "share your opinion" group, not a "let's plot against EMC" group, like how it seemed that others have thought of it as. The involved people did address their concerns in a mostly mature manner in the conversation, and there was no intent to further harm the community.

    The Handling
    I, personally, think that the latest form of handling the situation is pretty good. I appreciate that IcC was open to all complaints and concerns instead of ignoring them. All of the responses that I have read from him was a very mature response. However, I think that some member might not want to talk about their concerns and complains due to them wanting to be staff sometime and they don't want to be "against" the staff's decisions. One solution for this is to make a form that can be filled out anonymously and can be read by the Admins or Senior Staff, depending on what the person desires.

    An apology
    I do sincerely apologize to everyone that may or may not involved in this "drama" that is affected by any of the recent happenings. I did not mean to cause or contribute to anyone's decision to leave or argue.

    If I have missed anything or you have a question for me, please don't hesitate to start a conversation with me.
    I do wish that this weekend will be erased out of the history books, but I can only dream of it being so.
    I am not sure if all of EMC needs me, but I need EMC to be united.

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  2. Well, I... uh...
    I don't really know what to say to this...
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  3. This had to be said. Thank you nick. :)

    Your legacy will live on! :D
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  4. Looks like nick needs a hug. *gives nick a hug for free* >.<
    I was very confused when I first heard you were leaving, and I'm still confused about what you're going to do now.
    Are you staying/leaving/kind of staying but not really?
  5. Whatever your issues with EMC, they can be resolved.
    I can't speak for us all, though I personally value you highly as a member of the community, and if you were to decide to depart permanently, that would create a gap which would be much more difficult for this community to fix than any issues you may have with EMC.
    I have an absolute trust that ICC and the Staff Team will be appropriately engaging and address any concerns you have, whatever they may be. I understand you feel strongly, and these issues may take time to resolve, but I encourage you to stick with us.
    We love ya, Nick <3
  6. Misunderstandings breed resentment. Sometimes all it takes is a bit of honest discussion to clear the air and clean the slate.
    For obvious reasons, I wasn't around for this bit of drama and I don't have a clear understanding of what transpired, but for what it's worth the discussion thread this prompted helped me clear up my grievances in the most constructive way possible, and it's brought about a number of very positive changes for us all. Whether it was your intention or not, for that I and many other EMC players owe you our thanks.
  7. Please don't leave us! You never did announce how to get a melon head. :(
  8. Wait, so, you are leaving?
    You really are leaving?
    You are really really leaving.
    You are leaving EMC.
    But, I was going to build a secret M.E.L.O.N. base in your honor...
    Well... I suppose the good has to come to an end someday.
    Good luck, and have fun in your future endeavours nick5013.
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  9. your face... its so pretty

    we'll always miss you melons and you XP
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  10. I am not entirely sure on what happened with the Russian stuff and The Group' but I wish you all the best of luck in wherever you go, because I know you'll get there. (I hope that made sense) :p
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  11. Nowhere in the post did I say that I am definitely leaving, as I don't want want this to be a goodbye thread. I have recently decided that I am to stay, unless something like this happens in the future again.
  12. Haha that was quick! :p
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  13. Weird.
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  14. Melons
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  15. Melons!
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  16. Very nice thread. Hope you stay, but its your decision.
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