A rant about EMC problems.

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  1. This is a just a rant about why people don't vote on minestatus.

    So today I come home from camp after 3 days and this is about 11:00 am and I look and were down 20 places from where we were when I left! So I go and I do some random stuff for a bit and I look again at about 7:00 pm and were down another 10 places, so I'm looking at some of these other servers and I'm thinking to myself, these servers have less than 1/3 the members we have so why are there ahead of us minestatus. Its because there members 95% of their members vote everyday and get pretty decent rewards to help them in-game. And that's when it hit, all these fancy updates aren't going to do a thing to get new members to join the server what we need is current members to vote everyday to help get new members to join and possibly get supporter so that Justin can get more money to implement these new updates, because i'm 100% that there not free. Also instead of spending hours working on huge things that won't get new members to join, work on simple things, like a vote button on the page or getting rid of moderators that haven't played for months and get some new blood in there. I know this was a bit harsh but some little things need to be fixed before we add new things, also I appreciate all the new things and great moderators.
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  2. EMC's rewards for voting are well... crap to say the least. I'm not asking for 300 diamonds per vote or anything (which I've seen), just something as simple as the 50r + 15 mins XP boost or something. I also agree that a vote button in a more obvious place would be nice too.
    (Note to self: add an obvious vote button on a certain thing that's in supporter preview right now.)
    I personally don't want to comment on the rest.
  3. 50r is not much, If it were to be more, I'd vote more often, I only vote if im there at the moment to remember to vote.
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  4. Actually, I feel like all these updates will in fact bring in new members. Also, they add moderators as they need them. Most of the moderators, if any that haven't signed on in months, they still use square. They don't have to get on to be a moderator.
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  5. Also, in terms of the voting "problem", I think it would help if EMC was listed on more sites. The amount it's on is minuscule.
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  6. Can we vote? o,O

    Howabout your name turns RED ingame for 10min after you vote - THATS a reward worth voting for!
  7. I wouldn't do red tbh... having it as the default essentials op colour and all. I can just see it, some randomer tricking a newbie... Maybe yellow?
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  8. Voting here.. It's not worth my time...
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  10. I agree with the part about the moderating.
    It was born IN GAME so it should continue IN GAME.
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  11. But then everyone would be red/yellow, and that would be normal.
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  12. They'd only be it for 10 mins, so chat wouldn't exactly be flooded with it.
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  13. Well, I hope that there To Do list starts shrinking soon - I know Justin should be back right about now. Settled with a steady internet connection. Once they get the Big stuff out of the way. Hopefully Justin/Aikar have more time to work on these specific detailed things...
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  14. Now that we have Aikar helping a lot with programming stuff, we will be getting in the swing of things of all the stuff listed here.

    I'm almost ready to put up a new moderator application, purge out inactive ones, and bring in new blood (as well as a couple promotions from within).

    We never were one of those guys that liked to PUSH people to vote in their faces so we always tried to keep it somewhat in the background and hoped people would vote out of wanting to vote and not out of getting rewards. However, we can see that people wouldn't have an issues with this from the feedback, so look for future ways to vote in more obvious places on the site sometime soon.

    I'll be finding a few more server lists to get us on and get active (and let you guys know which there are).

    For now, if there are any you know of, please list them here and I'll get on that as well.

    We're currently on PMC, MCSL, Minecraftopia, & Minecraft-Mp. Any other major ones you know of that we're not on yet? Let me know here!
  15. This new stuff will be great-First to reply after ICC replied
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  16. I think it would be cool to give better rewards to people that vote. But absolutely No messages in game to vote...

    On the different sites that EMC is listed... could you find links to at least that site (preferably EMC's specific page) and list them somewhere - with a notation that there isn't in-game benefits for all of them...

    When is the TEXP updated each month... I will never be on top :p but I was just curious...
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  17. I think that there should be this- there more times you vote your prizes get better and better
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  18. I recommend putting a link to vote on the sidebar of the home page. I don't vote much because I forget about it. If it was on the sidebar, I would see it and vote every day.
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  19. Oops forgot something... First off, Glad to hear that certain members of the staff may be getting a promotion.
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  20. Voting Bonus System.

    For each site you vote on each day for EMC, you get 1 point. At the end of the month whomever the top three are get prizes.

    1st place: Diamond Supporter for 1 month
    2nd place: Gold Supporter for 1 month
    3rd place: Iron supporter for 1 month

    It's simple, easy to understand, people will do it.

    Votes are logged via IP's. Alternate accounts may or may not be shown in the top voters list, but will not be counted towards any prize(s).
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