A question of an economic nature

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  1. What are the most valuable items? Dragon Egg and Nether Star are up there, what else?
    Nothing more common than Diamonds, please.
  2. Wither Skulls and then the resulting Beacon.
  3. Okay, what about the most valuable stuff in the Overworld?
  4. Emerald Ore I guess.
  5. Okay thanks ^_^
  6. If I had to order them (by what you can obtain on EMC) and what I personally would think reasonable for them.

    Dragon Eggs (last auction was for 2 million rupees).
    Beacons (30k average but dropping)
    Nether Star - Beacon minus 100r
    Wither Skulls (5-10k)
    Diamond Block -405 rupees
    Emerald Block - 315 rupees
    Emerald Ore - 250 rupees
    Anvil - 155 rupees
    Diamond Ore - 100 rupees
    Gold Block - 90 rupees
    Iron Block - 50 rupees
    TNT - 50 rupees
    Diamond - 45 rupees

    There's also enchanted items which vary wildly between a few hundred rupees and thousands.

    Books can also have a wide variation depending on their content. The vault currently doesn't handle them though.

    I'm not sure what the shop is selling them for, but chain armor as well could fall into that list.
  7. Rare enchantments, maybe, if you wanna go down that route.
  8. Emerald ore I guess but that's about it I guess spawners can be added to the list
  9. Iron blocks, lots and lots of iron blocks. With pumpkins.
  10. And stone brick, its a hard, plentiful material that has a clean look.
  11. Not exactly valuable, however.
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  12. Level V enchantments.
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  13. I agree with Qwerty, level V bows especially with infinity