A Question for the Devs

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  1. We know that damage enchants don't work on levels 6-10 but what about armor enchants? Do any of the defensive enchants work?

  2. I'm not sure on the specifics, but you can find out some information on the wiki. Specifically here.
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  3. Thanks for the link but what that info doesn't mention is the changes in enchants. On level 6+ sword and bow damage enchants don't work. What I'm curious about is armor enchants. It's a lot harder to test those than it is to test weapons. I'd like to know if protection and projectile protection enchants work on 6+.

  4. I can't give you exact details but I'm fairly sure that every enchant is nerfed when you get >8. From experience it certainly seems like it, and in /ps it says so.
  5. If the devs respond, I would love to see when the enchants are nerfed. I am a bit confused what they mean about "Effects" in the wiki.
  6. I believe they are nerfed 6-10 (The damage enchant) I heard someone say that Aikar has said it

    With a smite sword I kill zombies in 2 hits at difficulty 5, at 6 it's like 4 or something, seems same as a regular sword
  7. Yeah I know that damage enchants don't work above 5 but I'm curious about armor enchants. I'm wondering if they nerfed them too. I fought a couple of enraged skeletons on level 7 and they tore thru my armor pretty quick. It didn't seem like my projectile protection was working but I couldn't tell for sure. It'd be nice if the devs could tell us what enchants work on 5+ (if any). As someone who makes and sells armor it's pretty important info.
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  8. Any chance I can get this answered?