A Proper Reintroduction

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  1. After a long period of little to no activity, this Spartan is ready to return to the server he once called home. Due to my inactivity, many players have probably forgotten about me, or possibly even never met me. I figure a thread is the perfect means to reintroduce myself to the EMC community. Haven't posted one in a while so here it goes...

    Some of my EMC Background:
    I joined this server around the end of 2012, if I remember correctly it was Dec 29, 2012. I was very active on the server my first couple years: I often missed meals because I was too busy playing on this server. I made lots of friends on this server, but many of them at this point are no longer active members (a few of you still are, and I'm glad to see you again :)). My favorite memories on EMC are helping other players in the EMC community, it was you guys who kept me here so long the first time, and you guys that brought me back.
    Other Games I Play:
    I mostly play Minecraft and Guild Wars on my laptop, but I also own Titanfall, Forza 6 Apex, Ark Survival Evolved and I plan on getting Black Ops II for zombies. Aside from gaming on my laptop, I play on my Xbox One quite frequently. My Xbox account has plenty of games, but I mostly stick to Halo 5, Battlefield 4, Forza 6, Ark Survival Evolved and Minecraft.
    Other Hobbies:
    Aside from gaming, I'm a big fan of music. I play the Bass Guitar in my free time, and the Tuba during the school year. I've been playing the Bass for 6 years now, and the Tuba for about 7 years. Another thing I enjoy is spending time with my friends (recently this just means a lot of Pokémon Go lol).
    My Job:
    I'm currently working as a Certified Trainer for Burger King. I started working for them a year ago as a Team Member when a new store opened and got promoted a couple weeks ago. I'm currently looking at another promotion to Production Leader within the next month or so, and potentially moving up Management next summer after I graduate. I currently work an average of 35-40 hours a week at Burger King, and an addition 8-16 hours a week baby sitting for extra cash.

    I've made lots of memories here, but its time to make some more!
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  2. Welcome Back to the empire, RebelSpartan! Its cool to see 'veterans/oldies' returning to the empire. :) We have a Pokemon go thread, so if you are interested, check it out.
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  3. Welcome back to the Empire :)
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  4. Great! Welcome back!
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  5. Hi RebelSpartan. Nice to meet you. Great to see older members returning to the server. :)