A Product of Failure

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    So if you click the 3 lines (seriously, what do those even mean?) in the top left hand corner, you'll get a menu. On this menu, you will most probably notice a button called 'Ask questions, receive lies' (spelt wrong, most likely). Yeah. Ask me questions, and receive (probably untruthful) answers.

    That's all for now. Suggestions are welcome.
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  2. Bumpafumpunumapo.
  3. Buhp.
  4. *sees pyro*
    *hugs computer*
  5. i asked "are you not not not answering this not not question in the not not milky way?"
  6. I answered some questions c:
    *sees you hugging computer*
    *burns you*
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  7. hm
    omg i am literally freaking that everyone ignores me
  8. I don't ignore you c:
  9. Bumpafumpaonmywumpa.
  10. FoompaFumpaBoompaBampa.
  11. The three lines is web designer for "menu" :p
  12. Shhhhhh, we need to make it simple for the simpletons ;) I know what they mean - just why do they mean that?
  13. Three menu items arranged in a stack? :p

    It's normally used in responsive design where the menu is actually arranged in a stack.
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  14. I need ideas for a blog post...
  15. *looks in signature*
    why not Nerd³ :3
  16. Nah, I have nothing to say about him :p

  17. Nope, idea made me sound psychotic. I want to make a rant... but a rant about what?
  18. rant about... pay-to-win? or the MC EULA?
  19. totes agree
    <caps>omg what the hell are you doing with your damn game minecraft? you better add a refund button because if you don't change this stupid EULA are you out of your freaking common sense you just drop the bomb on us because you said so? you are the worst. quitting minecraft until you change this.</caps>
  20. EULA.