A Problem: Lack of Participation

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Do you visit the forums regularly?

Yes. 46 vote(s) 97.9%
No. 0 vote(s) 0.0%
Sometimes. 1 vote(s) 2.1%
Maybe I will now. 0 vote(s) 0.0%
  1. I've been here, on these forums, long enough to be familiar with most of the frequent users. But I never see new users. It's always the same people constantly talking. Some of the big members are moving on, or focusing on real life. The number of forum posters is dwindling. I think new members are avoiding the forums, they only want to join this website to jump on the server. I know that there's a bunch of people out there who love this server, but aren't on the forums. When I first joined, I was one of them. I felt shy, and I didn't want to mess up with my first impression. I sorta regret it. I visit these forums daily, this website is the third most visited on my computer. This is the best, kindest, overall greatest community I have ever been honored to be a part of. I really wish that there were more people to take part. New members, where are you? Don't be shy, we are a kind, and accepting community. Adhere to the simple rules, and you never regret it. It doesn't matter if you feel shy. Trust me, the most timid, easily startled, shy human being in existence, that you will not be regretful of this. I'm probably talking to a wall actually, how many people will actually read this? Many. How many New Members? A pathetically small fraction, I suspect. But if you are a new member reading this, join us. You'll have no regrets. Introduce Yourself, maybe start an AMA, state your opinion. Just use correct grammar. I'm done with my semi-heartfelt speech or whatever it is.
  2. I pretty much live on the forums as I spend more time on them than on the servers itself.
  3. Same.
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  4. Empire.us is the most active site on chrome for me, also I think if I never used the forums I'd probably be a poor beggar running around server to server with no purpose.
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  5. I tried talking to people in chat about going on the forums, I was just, ignored...:( I really hope I'm getting at least one person to join....
  6. Whenever I feel I have something to say, I do. Otherwise I just read what other posted. If someone already posted what I might say, then I won't post it again. In my personal average I'm pretty active in this forum, I even have double digit posts in a little under a year, that's a accomplishment for me.
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  7. I can't exactly explain it well, but people want to hear what you want to say. From you.
  8. the empire fourms are one of my homepages and the moste visited on all my web providers
  9. My friends didn't even know what one was :(
    Music started but stoped using them.
    The forum comunty is great though it is shrinking.
    Some people get scared away because their first post was a wee bit rubbish.
  10. i have nothing else to say but PURE FREAKING AWESOMENESS = THE FORUMS

    it was so amazing, i have to scream it. i've got to scream it to the world!
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  11. I don't doubt any who knows me would like to chat with me and know my opinions, but in an environment where anonymity is rampant, such as an internet forum, I can't feel that anyone really distinguishes me from the others. If I started writing my every thought for everyone to notice, I feel I would just be contributing to the background noise that already plagues the internet.

    I don't fancy myself special in any way, so if something has been said I have no need to repeat it, it's not like me repeating it would add any substance or back up to it.

    I assure you, in person I'm quite talkative and both present and defend my opinions, I just don't feel that's worth it on the internet.

    (With some exceptions, as the current response clearly indicates)
  12. But these forums aren't chaotic, this is the sanest place on the Internet to me. So what if no one important notices you, that isn't a way to live.
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  13. I'm constantly checking the EMC forum, it's my most visited site. I'm more of a lurker than a frequent participant.... but I'm trying to change that.
  14. No, they are not chaotic, they are quite nice and filled with very good people; which is why I stick around and read whatever I fancy. Nonetheless, they are quite repetitive, within one thread you can see a response followed by a lot of approval for said response; I in no way reprove or are annoyed by it, it's basic human nature to belong; but I also don't find it useful, so I don't indulge in it.

    As for the "important" people, I really wound't know how to tell importance in a forum. I know "I" am not special, or relevant, whatever I say most likely has been said, or will be say, and probably better than I could ever express it; yet if I haven't found it say, I will say it. I don't expect anyone to notice me, and every time I read something interesting I am happy with my "way to live".
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  15. i just started on the fourms mainly just for auctions n stuff but its fun
  16. I'm more of a lurker than a poster. I'm sure there are plenty more out there. Some people are just more internet chatty than others, I guess.

    These forums are pretty awesome. I would have figured that the forums would be dead or horrific, but they're actually reasonably active and filled with generally nice and interested players. I was a bit shocked, actually, and it was definitely a tipoff to the fact that these servers are great and run by interested, responsible adults.
  17. Do you notice me?
    I recently started going on the forums a lot, I got bored, so im here now.
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  18. I've commented on threads so much i'm the latest person to comment on 4 threads in a row in almost all of the forum sections.

    But i'm still not on the highest posting members... yet...
  19. Bump for everyone else who wasn't on.
  20. I havent been on the server for month or two, but im still active on the forums :)