A poem about inhumanity and fast food

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  1. So, for a recent homework assignment, we had to satirize something through a method of our choice, and I thought it might share it here. If you can't tell by the content, I'm satirizing the inhumanity of fast food resteraunts. So, without further ado, here it is.

    The Inhumanity of the Burger

    Today, most food is made with ease;
    Fast food and microwaves are made to please.
    But with the quality of these meals,
    People seem to not care about disease.

    The food is fast, but it comes with a deal:
    Just how did that animal feel
    Before it’s dark and gloomy fate,
    And deadly trials and ordeals?

    When that poor animal ate
    It’s final meal, did it debate
    If it would ever have a bride,
    Or end up on somebody’s plate?

    Perhaps it would be dignified
    If it knew that when it died,
    It would be gourmet-ified
    At the hands of someone who truly tried.
  2. *puts down burger* *wipes tear from eye* *starts to clap* *whistles* *starts to fade the clapping away* *shakes hands with qwerty* *walks out with qwertys wallet* *stops the RP*
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  3. Aww, I'm so glad that you...
    Come back here with my wallet, you thief!
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  4. Nice, I like it! :)
  5. *tries to run* *trips on 607* *face plants into ground* *tries to stand up but 607 is laying unconscious on me* *throws wallet to random person* *End RP*
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  6. *catches wallet* *realizes this is all a dream* *wakes up* *end RP*
  7. What? No fries with that? :eek:
  8. What do you mean by "*end RP*"?
  9. I assume it means "End Roll Play." :)

    Nice poem, Qwerty. :)
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  10. Finally something about the poem :p
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  11. That's a very good poem Qwerty, the use of rhyme is very effective and professional!
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  12. but, but, I like food...
  13. Hey! My comment was completely about the poem! :p
  14. Nice poem, but I'd like to point out that it's not technically inhumanity since its human nature to kill and eat things.

    Still though; noice poem :p
  15. Don't microwaves kill all/almost all bacteria? :p #ScienceTho

    Anyways, lovely poem! The title is amazing. I think I'm in love with a title... xD
  16. Yeah, but if you only eat fastfood, you won't stay healthy...
  17. Obviously. Fast food it isn't and shouldn't be a key component of anyones diet. It's a nice treat but not to be had on a regular basis.

    My point was that Qwerty said about microwaves and disease, yet microwaves are used to kill bacteria which cause disease. It was more of a joke point as it was in the same paragraph but I don't think related.
  18. Eh, I needed a rhyme, and I only had ten minutes to write this :p
  19. Pretty good for a 10 minutes thing :p