A new feature for groups =D =D

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  1. Please note: These features are add-ons to a current plugin system known as groups.

    Me and darkfafer0 have come up with a few ideas for the group system:
    /groupvault - this opens a vault that can be accessed by all group members. Only the group leader can create the vault and add to it.
    /donatehealth (value) (playername) - you can donate health to other members of the group.
    If someone in the group is in danger then it will inform all group members in the group chat.
    Hope you like! =D
  2. i like this idea. +1 to you.
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  3. Good idea!!!!!!!!
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  4. A group vault would allow for instantaneous transportation of stuff from deep in the wild, flooding the economy with cheap goods. Perhaps with a high transaction fee, it could be implemented.
  5. You have to be WITH your group to be in a group...
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  6. no.

  7. I'm curious what the purpose of a "group" vault would be.
    -Vault cannot be opened in Wastelands / Frontier, rendering it useless for wild excursions and hunting.
    -If vault could be opened in the wild, it'd be as Volt said, and stand a good chance of wrecking the economy for smaller shops across EMC.
    -Timing: What happens when the group leader opens vault, but someone else is busy fighting, mining, swimming, etc. and suddenly the group-vault page pops up? What if they close it? Can they even do so, or would it stay open until the group leader shuts it again?
    -Trust: How many issues would it cause to put one person in charge of everyone's stuff? No matter how you implement the vault, giving a single person access to the keys that way is bound to cause problems.

    The health thing is a neat idea, but a splash potion of healing would work just as well I'd think, and in the heat of combat be much easier to deliver. ;)

    The XP-share requires everyone to be nearby. Groups can be used across the whole server, including between worlds. Think of it as a "global" chat system for you and your friends. :)
    It does raise an interesting question regarding the implementation of a group vault system, but see above for that.
  8. You should make it like this so that everyone in the group has to be within a 100 block radius of the group leader to access the group vault. And Everything in the vault would despawn after 10 miniutes, so It could be used specificlh for distribute weapons, armour, Mining supplies, etc.
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  9. Yes, but you stay in a group if this one person leaves "close proximity" of the group.
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  10. You just blew my mind Kephras...
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  11. What I was going to say about this. Almost exactly :)
    Also if the leader of the group is in the Wild, all the other people need to be in the same dimension as him. So if the leader went into the wild, while I am at town, /group vault wouldn't even work.
    Now one more factor plays into this.
    What if one of the members gave you something via group vault.
    And you logged out. What would happen to the item? I think there should also be a command like /group vault disable or off so that way, we wouldn't have this problem. :)
  12. Hmm, I don't see the health thing as something we would do, but group storage... I really like that idea.

    However we wouldn't call it "vault", that would be confusing.


    I've filed the issue here, check it for details, but this is very likely to be added soon :)
    Absolutely great suggestion!
  13. I would think that the group vault only opens for one person not all.
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  14. Well if only one person could open it, then it wouldn't be a group vault :p
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  15. basically how it would work I think, is it would be like a chest, and whoever wants to open it, can with the proper requirements, so you don't have to open it at all if you don't want to
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  16. when one person opens it, it only opens for that person. That's what he means :p
  17. I agree
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  18. Yay our idea might be added =D
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  19. That's a good idea but I'm not sure about the delete thing
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