A Momentus Egg

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  1. This is what you will have to do. You will have to stick it at least 64 times, every time you do stick it, it will say total 1/64 2/64 and higher and when you have done 64 sticks you get the egg saying Momentus Egg.
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  2. I personally like the idea - but there are a few unsolvable problems. For example, you can just spawn one in a trench or mob farm, which make it much easier to kill.
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  3. Corrected
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  4. Maybe we could make it so that the egg does not spawn, but it has a special power, example: Claiming a 20x20 area in the wild or anything that makes it different to something else, or you could place it on your res for show ;)
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  5. Haha, just like a Dragon Egg!

    EDIT: Maybe a Momentus can drop an egg or something like this when it dies? That would make more sense.
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  6. Good idea :)
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  7. Or a monumentus 'laying' eggs every week or so.
  8. How about right click a momentus with a dragon egg...
    My dad?
  9. hmm, reminds me of someone...
  10. Stick it? lol
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  11. I see what you did there...
  12. Remember momentus has a pull in effect wich would pull you in wich in turn kills you. (Please dont be a spaelling nazi)
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  13. thats why its harder to get him : )
  14. What do you mean stick it in? i dont understand
  15. stick means eggify.
  16. The way you phrased that...
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  17. I'm sorry but I'm going to be honest, this is a bad idea.
    Before I hear "ohemgee u hatur quit emc u suk" I just would like to point out what would be the point of eggifying a hostile mob? Sure, you can "save it for later", sell to someone or just hoard it in a chest, but where is the satisfaction in that? Wasn't the whole point of the Survival Update to make the game more fun and challenging? Where is the satisfaction in eggifying a boss when you get a great feeling killing it yourself!

    Just my 2 cents not that it matters at all.
  18. Ok thanks
  19. ...
  20. Well thats why it makes it even more harder because if you do want the egg you need to egg it 64 times and it can still kill you so it would just be even more of a challenge then before