'A Minecraft Christmas'

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  1. I made a blog post with Part One of 'A Minecraft Christmas' on Christmas Eve. I did plan to publish Part Two and Part Three on Christmas Day, and Part Four on Boxing Day, but real life got in the way and I had to do Christmas-related things and couldn't release them. I also decided to rewrite the story part of the comic since I thought that they were terrible, but didn't finish them.

    Part One, by the way, is here: http://empireminecraft.com/blog/minecraft-stories/912-minecraft-christmas-part/

    I, however, didn't spend 4-5 hours making these (yeah, surprisingly, these took time to make :p) for them to not be released and seen by at least a few people. So, here they are...

  2. Uh? You aren't French, are you?
  3. Um... no.

  4. I thought he was French too!
  5. Because you put "FIN." at the end :p
  6. That's is used everywhere in all forms of media as a 'fancy' way to say end.
  7. But it is French, right?
  8. Yes, and if I recall correctly its Spanish too.
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  9. Fin is spanish