A look at EMC's past

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  1. Hey, Empire! :)

    I came up with something. You should see the first news that was posted by JustinGuy. I suggest you should spend a couple of minutes looking through emc's past. There's a whole bunch of interesting topics: aikiar promoted to sr. staff and admin, kryssy winning a costume contest, mobs back in town, smp4 was created, wilderness was introduced, and much more! So go check it out! :)

    Timeline (thanks SkyDragon) http://empireminecraft.com/wiki/timeline/
  2. Been there when these things were announced.
  3. feelin nostalgic now
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  4. Krysyy winning the costume contest happened in 2014, right?

    If you are interested in the past of EMC, there is also a Timeline on the wiki.
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  5. I was here through all of these things. I remember most of those posts like they were published yesterday </3
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  6. I sorta saw Krysyy win the costume contest.. In real life :p

    Funny thing is.. I had no clue it was Krysyy until afterwards..
    (I saw her res)
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  7. November, 2013
  8. bump! This thread is mainly for new/active members that haven't been on EMC for that long. :)