A little... well idk what to call it... About the Frontier

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Which do you do?

Leave the hole, its someone else's problem. 1 vote(s) 5.6%
Fix the hole, i like the world the way it is. 17 vote(s) 94.4%
  1. Throughout my almost 700 days on this server and even before I played on this wondrous server, I have always respected the minecraft world and land. I love the way every world is filled with different generation and terrain and I have always sought to preserve it.

    A while back a few others and I decided that the smp9 frontier west needed to be spruced up a bit. We worked for a good few hours to fill in holes, regrow the vegetation of the former forest, and even kept up with it for a good bit.

    *just about and hour in the progress*

    But sadly due to my laptop, running everything on 10 or below fps, and some other issues I have not been able to keep it up and it fell apart. I still go to the outpost a good bit and work on it to both refill the holes and leave signs In the newest mines telling about how the frontier is not for mining uses. Time after time no matter the work done it still ends up being destroyed by many people and sometimes just one over and over again.

    So my questions to you are as followed:
    What do you do about holes and other destruction?
    Do you just leave holes or do you actually fix them when its your fault?
    What is your over all opinion about the frontier being destroyed near spawn by both new and old members?
  2. You are awesome for trying to preserve the areas.
  3. Thanks Todd, I just feel like its my duty as a member of this community to try and keep it nice.
  4. i too try to fill in some of the holes in the frontier, i'm even considering filling in all the mined areas around main frontier spawn on smp9 with dirt to make it fairly even and not so deadly.
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  5. Around a year ago my brother, a few random people and I spent about two hours just filling in and making it safer, nicer, and overall more appealing even aikar who was just flying by helped out and reset some of the outlying areas. sadly this was before wasteland existed and it was quickly turned to its current shell of emptiness
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  6. I fill in holes when I can, I actually keep a stack of dirt with me when I go out, just for this reason and in case I fall in a ravine. :D
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  7. You should try to start a non-profit project to fix up the areas around outposts in the frontier.
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  8. You might get some kind of special EMC award for doing this maybe..
  9. Nether, When we started the project it was originally going to be a fixer-uper for just one outpost (old post was called new leaf project), but I think in a bit I will repurpose that name for exactly what you said.:)

    actually ill get on that right now, just a few random questions:
    How do I respond to someone directly I never really have much need to respond but since you guys seem so nice I think ill have to start :)

    and what section of the forums shall I post it under?
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  11. I face the reality that in EMC, the wild is fair game for anything. EMC is not designed to 'preserve' the wild.

    When I work a piece of land, I terraform it to whatever is my needs. Usually this involves prohibiting mob spawning, and building non-natural structures. The fact is, if you allow creepers to spawn, you will get holes, and most players are not going to stop to fill in a creeper hole in the wild, when their life is in danger.

    If I was going to create a natural reservation. To keep the land looking natural and nice, I would choose some land far away from spawn outposts. I would place signs/structures around it to tell players this land is deliberately built/maintained, and not to be griefed. I'd also either not enter the land at night (when mobs spawn), or i'd light the area up to stop mobs spawning, to avoid creeper damage etc.

    Though I applaud you're wanting to make the wild beautiful, that is simply not realistic in EMC. The only way you can expect players to not 'grief' an area, is to make it clear the area is yours, that the grass and trees are player made. And that is nearly impossible. :) (put a fence around it with signs ever 16 blocks?)
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  12. The goal it not entirely to make that land perfect and beautiful, with nothing allowed to touch it or go near it (like some people like there outpost to be). But instead it is to create a friendlier atmosphere over all.

    When I enter a world I personally don't want to look at an area that is completely destroyed and sometimes impassible, but instead *even if its a tiny bit* a semi nicer and friendlier place that you can tell at least someone cares about the area.
    Sure nothing like a big city/outpost is needed but the point is cover your holes and show the world that empire's frontiers are not just secondary locations that only those who make it far out care about *besides who wants to travel over 2000 blocks just to say hey look its not destroyed for once* .

    Just patching holes and replanting trees to show people care and can sway almost anyone's opinion about the server they are on.
  13. Yeah, that's a good point. Nobody wants to join a new server, go to a resource/wilderness area to find the area impassible after 50 blocks of natural render.
  14. Right, I guess that's why we have 200 x 200 area around outpost protected.

    Outside of that, it's too easily griefed, so people build much farther out. :)

    Do you think we should have a wider protected area? 1000 x 1000?
  15. Yeah we should but we should have way points to get near the exit.
  16. You mean like an outpost about 10k out? :)

    Can you see how this is getting circular?
  17. When in the wild, I prefer to try patching whenever possible. Even if there's no one but you around to see it, leaving creeper craters is inconsiderate and ugly.
    Though, my preferred method is to to keep two water buckets and one lava on me, and fill all but the top layer with smoothstone, before covering it over with whatever dirt was left.
    That little piece, at least, will be much sturdier the next time a creeper comes around.

    EDIT: Of course, on at least one occasion it did catch the attention of the staff... I guess the logs showed me pouring lava everywhere in the vicinity of New Atlantia and GameKribJim came out to make sure I wasn't griefing the hell out of the place. :D
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  18. Wierd how this 1 time i built this super tall dirt tower since dirt is useless then after a few days it was griefed and tooken down by people which is wierd since I BUILT IT WITH DIRT. who steals dirt?
  19. Mhmm.. all those griefers, griefing those nice dirt pillars people spent all that time constructing. They just come along and rip it all down. I don't know why people like destroying dirt pillars, there is so much dirt all around, why destroy a player creation? (sarcasm)
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  20. radda