New Leaf Project: Reborn

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  1. The New Leaf Project

    All of us have experienced the creeper holes, random drops, and even the occasional mass of land missing from the earth where a cobble or sand mine was.
    We are here to fix that.

    Background: The New Leaf Project was originally a small project that included about four people who just wanted to fix up one of our favorite outpost. After a while the project died out mainly because of the way nothing was ever kept right or in tact, but that's about to change.

    At this time I would like you all to ask yourself what have I done to the Frontier environment? Have I helped it out and fixed it up? or have I just ignored the fact that nearly everything is gone or destroyed near the spawn?
    Those of you who have helped out or want to help out here is your chance!
    Starting this week the New Leaf Project is being reborn and it needs your help!

    What is need and expected: I hope that all of you will consider and help out with this even if you don't go all the way in to joining, but those of you who wish to help out as much as possible listen up.
    This project will need many things: Shovels, dirt, saplings, bones, flowers anything that can help out the environment. As well as members, Leaders and Donators to the cause.

    Leader: The head honcho,
    Division leader: In charge of one outpost/teleport location 5 per server (north, east, west, south central)
    Member: anyone who wants to help out there server and make the frontier nice again.

    Those of you who wish to become a member, a leader or a division leader Please reply with the following information:
    What position you would like to have.
    What server you wish to help out.
    What you can offer the project.
    What outpost (teleport) you will focus on (mostly needed for division leaders).
    Can you set up donation chest with multiple people allowed to access? (leaders and division leaders)

    I thank you for your time and hope to see you all help out as much as possible.
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