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  1. I just thought of this and I do not know what to think of it. I don't know how to explain it so here it goes.

    Imagine a "Donation Goal" on the Empire. It could be part of the "Store" page or an entire tab of it's own.
    Good, now let's set the goal to $100.
    Let's say we want this goal to be reached by the end of the month. That is a good time, right?
    Anyways, people all over the Empire contribute $1 or something to help reach the goal.
    When the goal is reached, an awesome event happens. This event effects all people, short or purple.
    The goal could be '2x tokens from killing mobs' and it could last a week or so. Or even 'A free perma-beacon-buff' and it could last a week.
    We could have this every 2-3 months possibly? 1 month to get donations, and a reward/intermission month; the prize for getting the goal wouldn't last the whole month obviously.

    Anyways, your opinions?
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  2. A certain other server has this - and to me it seems just like bribery.

    If people reach the goal and 'everyone' receives the perk... it's the same as no one receiving the perk...

    So in the end if everyone receives the same thing... it would be as if paying money wasn't worth it to begin with.

    At least that's my view on it.
  3. However*

    Instead of money ... we could have similar to what we used to have, with for example ... website player-base or youtube collaboration views ... or something like that

    So if the playerbase reaches 200k - everyone receives a temporary boost

    Or if the community makes a collaborative youtube video and it reaches say 10,000 views... everyone would receive a youtube appreciation cake or something.

    -Advertisement and community effort will encourage people to help and not be like 'uhhh - I have to pay to get this?'

    So I feel like community buffs could be a good thing... but i'm not certain about the 'needing to pay to reach it aspect'
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  4. EmpireMinecraft's server fees are hundreds of dollars per month. $100 isn't going to cut it. Last I checked they were around $400.
    If everyone in the empire contributed $1, EMC would have $9,593.73. And PayPal would have $4,692.27. However, realistically, these types of things have a very low response rate. It's likely to be a fraction of one percent. Using half of one percent, you have $47.97 to EMC and $23.46 to PayPal.
    Let's try something. Instead of having our employees pitch in a regular 40 hours a week, we'll ask random people to each pitch in an hour or two. When we reach 100 hours, we'll throw confetti all over the street. Let's only work every third month, and take two months off in between for an office party.
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  5. This was an example.
    I see you are trying to relate this in real life. Keep in mind that we still have our supporters who gains perks for themselves. This idea I had would allow everybody to pitch in for an event or something that effects everybody.
    So to relate in real life, the Supporters are doing their jobs and we are offering a volunteer program. At the end of the month, we celebrate.
  6. Hmm, not a bad idea but as soon as I see these goals on other servers I just see it as milking the community a bit. Yes EMC needs donations to keep running, but we have supporter (for now at least) which allows people to donate and get perks at the same time. What I personally think is a better idea is to use the same principles you've stated but with referrals. :)
  7. It does? I was not aware of that.
    Well, it is not bribery, if people do not want to donate for the buff-type-thing then they do not have to. If they do not want the perk thing then Aikar could find a way to make it optional.
    I disagree with you there, it adds a bit of fun for a while and with the not receiving the perk, it is basically just average everyday. Keep in mind that these perks can help people with their builds if they do not own a beacon or other activites.

    As for the playerbase, we basically have this but in the form of Promotions. That is about it.
    The youtube thing is not a bad idea.
    Well, people are already like 'uhhh - I have to pay to get this?' with the current supportership options, doing this would allows everybody - supporter and non-supporter to pitch in and get a community-wide perk. Some people currently do not have enough money, rupees, or just cannot pay in general to get the supporter rank and this would allow people to 'share the love' by contributing to a community effort to benefit the whole empire.

  8. I do see your reasoning, I can see how it could be defined as milking to community and I have nothing to defend against that. The referrals could be a good idea too.