A little attachment to the WheeHeeHee thread

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  1. Hey, since I am usually pretty dang bored, I'll host a Q and A!

    Remember, they cannot have of the following:

    Well, here we go! :3
  2. What are you saying here?
  3. Why haven't you answered this already?
    (I had no idea what to ask...)
  4. Well, since I've got you here: What is it you find so awesome about these ponies? :p
  5. What is it you DON'T find awesome about these ponies? :p
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  6. Hey, I'm not the one who's hosting a Q&A here! :p I never said I don't, by the way. Never really paid much attention to the phenomenon. I'm just asking why jamesg003 does.
  7. Why is it that there are ponies on EMC all of a sudden?
  8. Lol me either... My friend is obsessed with it.
    Why not?
  9. I don't know...it's just that it's the last place I'd expect there to be ponies. And I've seen several websites and forums with ponies for avatars or signatures. Maybe its the bright colors considering the dark layout of the website.

    Now time for a real question. Why are you bored?
  10. When will u answer the questions.
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  11. The invasion of EMC by the bronies was being planned for a very long time. Only recently have the bronies actually seized a rare opportunity to mobilize in an organized enough manner in order to actually launch the invasion.
  12. PRO is my brother.
    I forgot about this .-.
    Cause I am.
    Their ponies. Duh.

  13. Curses! He uncovered the plot! Get him!
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  14. I resent this.
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