A legit story of fake love and lies.

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  1. Sol, around three or four days ago, the girl who I had been dating for a month, lets call her, Legit's Girlfriend, told me that the reason she was dating me was not because she liked me, or had any feeling for me, but because she wanted, attention. We had been friends for around a half a year before this, so it wasn't like I was just going into this with no idea about who she was. Now, I wouldn't really care all that much about this, but, because of the stuff that happened in between when we started dating, and three/four days ago, I can't even consider her a friend. She lied, about EVERYTHING. She lied about loving me, she lied about caring about me, and she lied about every small thing, just so she could get attention. The only thing that is keeping me from just losing it at her, is the fact that doing so, would give her what she wants, attention. If I were to sit at home, on Facebook, and just unleash all my madness at her, (I could not bring myself to yell at someone like I want to in IRL.) I would be giving her, attention. There is a lot more of this I don't want to get into, so thanks for reading. :)
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  2. ^ giving her attention

    Edit: still giving her attention talking about it, doesn't matter if shes here or not ;.; (thats how I see it :D)
  3. Sorry to hear about that Legit... At least you won't appease her, and you might want to keep it secret to people who could give her the attention she craves so much.
    I doubt she's here.
  4. She doesn't play EMC, or Minecraft for that matter.
  5. I'm sorry legit, I hope you find someone who isn't an attention wh$%##.
    Go ahead and give her the attention you want to, she probably wants good attention and people to admire her, if you go and yell at her and teach her a lesson, she probably doesn't want that kind of attention, but she deserves it.
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  6. Hopefully. She has a lot of "friends" at school who cause her trouble, in the sense that they always put her down. Why won't she get rid of them? Same reason as this.

    One good thing did come out of this. One night, her friend randomly started texting me, and now, I have a new friend from it. :D
  7. Make a lava wall around her house :p
  8. Only logical answer.
    I don't even know what this thread is about, I just came here because someone mentioned lava walls. Whatever this thread is about, lava walls will have some purpose in the described scenario.
  9. You're too legit for her anyways homie..
  10. She wasn't worth your time, legit. She wants good attention, so give her bad attention.
  11. If you mean bad as in none, than I will do that. :p

    The sad thing about this, is that she said she "regretted' breaking up with me. We dated before, but she wanted us to stop before we ruined what we had. Then, we were talking, said she regretted saying that, and I asked her out again, as I still liked her. Turns out, regretted meant that she didn't feel like she mattered, not that she really did regret breaking up.
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  12. Okay, read through the OP.
    Legit, you have made a mistake.
    You've gotten too infatuated with her, and now you're all upset.
    Teenage relationships are a cut-throat business. Trust me, I know.
    Minors are emotionally immature; they can swing between excessive and no empathy.
    As a result, it is best to assume that all potential partners are not acting in good faith, and they are acting purely in their own self-interest, for love, attention, and the other things we like.
    Due to the circumstances, you can either:
    i) Abstain from relationships completely, as a protest against the basic lack of compassion.
    ii) Participate, but stoop to the level of these people.
    Loneliness will kill you if you choose i), so ii) is really the only viable option.
    You are not looking for a partner for the rest of your life.
    You are looking for a partner who could last for a few weeks to several months, maybe a year or two if you're lucky.
    If the partner is causing you more bad than good, bail out. Hard.
    When a partner causes you more harm than good, it will not get better.
    I didn't realise that, I was stuck in an emotional roundabout for a solid 4 months.
    You will not 'work things out'.
    You are children.
    You get what you want, if there is no longer anything of value, bail out.
    You can leave ethical relationships to later in life, just like everyone else.
    It's a smash-and-grab, don't let emotion screw it up.
  13. Wow 2 posts of "love stories", on the Emc forums. Yours and Demonthunders ._.
  14. I think you missed the point, I AM done with her.. As for stooping to her level, why would I do that?
  15. Well said Volt, well said.

    She obviously doesn't respect you enough to tell you, and she kept leading you on. All I'm saying my man is to just keep doing you and the pieces will fall into place themselves!
  16. Not her level, the general level of teenagers. It's dog-eat-dog.
    There's every chance I have no idea what I'm talking about, but I assure you, I have a very clear idea in my head...I'm just unsure as to whether I am articulating it absolutely perfectly.
  17. But this is way more serious than a fourth grade relationship.:oops:
  18. Well, I would rather stay at my level, the go down to the level of most kids at my school, which is "I THINK THIS GIRL IS HOT, I SHOULD DATE HER!"

    As for her, simply put, she craves attention like a 5 year old craves candy. Someone is hurting but gives her attention, she wont ditch them, no matter what they are doing. I always told her that she has a good future, as she can draw very well and also has a good talent at writing stories, but she always said that those are just hobbies, and wont get her anywhere, most likely just so I would keep trying.
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  19. Lol...
  20. I myself am under the impression you're still a bit hung up over your relationship as well, although you do have numerous good points. And being lonely is in fact a very viable option if you ask me.
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