A guide on surviving the new 1.4 firespread system.

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  1. As you should know, a new fire system is being put in when 1.4 comes out. The system will work like this, for each diffculty system, fire will spread faster. EMC is on normal diffculty, so, it might spread faster when 1.4 comes out, so I have two ideas on how to make sure your house in the wild is safer.

    1. Use little to no wood in your house: Well, no duh, but this will help a lot.

    2. Make a fire break: Lets say you have a large house that has two sides, lets say one is the main area, and the other is a mining area. The fire break would go in between them. A fire break is made with a one thick lining of cobble, or any other non flamable material, then a space with a cobble floor, and then another lining of cobble. This way, you will be able to notice the fire before it spreads out of control, or at least saves part of your house. :)

    That's all :)
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  2. Thanks for the news.
    I make my buildings out of very flammable blocks, I love wood, but I guess I could try building with stone and such.
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  3. Aren't the servers running on easy? I was pretty sure that was the case. At least they used to I thought.
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  4. Or there is /res set firespread true/false last I heard...
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  5. I think this could be for wild bases or maybe just in single player.
  6. I am pretty sure that EMC runs Easy Difficulty. In town - people should remember the fire-spread flag for their residence. This can be used to stop the fire spreading... lol

    /res set firespread true
    (or false)
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  7. It's also worth noting the new gamerules that have been added for 1.4.
    One of which freezes firespread or something.
  8. Oh I never go to tell you this
    Congratulations on becoming a mod!
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  9. ^ suckup. XD

    But yeah we will be limited by quite a few things in 1.4 because the servers are set to easy and not normal and only certain things/situations come about in normal to hard difficulty.
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  10. Hmm, well im not very offended.
    I dont know why.
  11. Thanks bro good thing I'm build my new village thing out of stone :D
  12. probably cause it was kinda a joke. :S
  13. Lol, I just think it is funny.
  14. Will fire on hard difficulty be back up to 1.5 standards?
    Pretty please?
  15. And there goes every house of mine…fireplaces in each one. :rolleyes:
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  16. you can also build your wood houses out of wood slabs because they are non flamable and can be put together to look like wood blocks
  17. unless you have Wooden Slabs from before the 1.3 update (I have several stacks :p) that won't work.

    The old Wooden Slabs act like Stone slabs with a wood Texture
    The new Wooden Slabs now CAN catch fire and burn
  18. (facekeyboard)bvjvbfdvnd mjdnhgvbCJNFKBJDZLVB Fx,nmvfb xnm vcmxv zmbv fnc \_/ i forgot about that
  19. Wow that is a lot of Facekeyboard... You would have had to slam your face into your keyboard no less than 9 times to get that result. Probably more.
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  20. Yay. Just what we need in the wild. More fire. :rolleyes:
    Thanks for the heads up!
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