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Which server should I make my home?

SMP1 3 vote(s) 5.5%
SMP2 5 vote(s) 9.1%
SMP3 3 vote(s) 5.5%
SMP4 6 vote(s) 10.9%
SMP5 4 vote(s) 7.3%
SMP6 13 vote(s) 23.6%
SMP7 4 vote(s) 7.3%
SMP8 14 vote(s) 25.5%
SMP9 3 vote(s) 5.5%
  1. Hey there! My name's Duck, or Olly, or whatever you wanna call me really, I'll take it as it comes. I joined EMC about a week ago, and honestly I was shocked... I'd came with pretty low standards after searching for a playable server for hours, but EMC absolutely blew my mind! The welcome I got when I finally finished the tutorial (which was very nice by the way) was lovely, and I'm honestly just amazed at how friendly everyone here is.

    It's nice to meet you guys, and I hope you can help me decide which server I should settle down on :D
  2. Welcome to EMC! Glad you like this server ;) Enjoy!
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  3. Welcome to Emc! Once you'll join you'll never leave :D
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  4. Welcome to the empire! If you could attend, there's an event called Friday Night Miners where you can mine with all of the other emc-ers. Its really fun and I think you would like it. :)
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  5. Well my vote is for smp5 ;) I remember welcoming you actually :rolleyes: Anyways welcome to the empire {again :D} and i hope you enjoy it here
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  6. Welcome to the Empire; I'm sure ItsMeMatheus will be glad to have another duck on the server! ;)

    Fixed your poll, by the way. :)
  7. Welcome to the Empire! :)
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  8. Welcome to EMC! :)
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  9. I think I'll join tonight, sounds fun :D
    Thanks for fixing the poll :) Can't wait to meet Matheus :p
    Thanks guys :)
  10. Welcome to emc where Foxy roams smp6 (I voted you there) I hope you stay longer than 5 nights at EMC. :p
  11. I promise u that u will not find a better server :)
  12. Hello. ;) Welcome to EMC. You will hopefully spend many hours here with us. Be sure to be active on the forums, so manny bizarre things happen here. :p
  13. Welcome to EMC! Everyone knows smp8 is the best :)
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  14. ^ smp8 <3

    Welcome to EMC! Hope you enjoy it as much as I :)
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  15. Welcome to the Empire, Duck! I hope that you enjoy your time here, if you have any questions then feel free to direct them my way. ;)
  16. Welcome to EMC!
  17. Well welcome to EMC Duck! I am your friendly Neighborhood Walrus, and I say come to smp8. We have Birds, and Marriage via Throwing a fish. Also Pizza Rolls (Or as they are called here, Piz Arols)
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  18. Of course of smp8 weirdos want new players to infect. Trust me smp6 or smp3 be your best place. I have been here longer than everyone in this thread
  19. No Dont Listen to the Fox! FOXES EAT DUCKS!
  20. Not sure I see the correlation between length of time people have been here and their ability to suggest an smp.
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