A farewell?

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  1. Hey guys! I am sorry to say that I am going to take a extended break from Emc. I love this server and it is by far the best one I have ever been a member of. I will still be active in the forums and vote to keep my residences. The reasons for me leaving are school and player/staff rudeness. It's not that big of a deal mostly. The main reason is school. I hope to become active soon but until then farewell!
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  2. So many people seem to be leaving... You know, if you do have problems with other players/staff, you can always PM a Community Manager to try and sort things out. :) Though, school is an understandable issue. Have a good one!
  3. Thanks FDNY! The staff/player rudeness wasn't reportable. Just plain rude though. I also plan to come back soon!
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  4. Anyway, sad to see that you are going to be gone for a while (quite frankly, I'm happy it's only an extended break), I think you are a fine member of the EMC community. Study hard and come back to us as you left: a nice guy who knows that EMC must take a back seat to school. :D
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  5. While I agree that school is a good reason to take a break, I must disagree with the staff/player statement. If it isn't reportable, then was it actually rude? Or was it just a difference in communication? If you are referencing how many times different staff and players warned you on your auction thread about illegal bumping, you may want to reconsider what you mean by rude. Considering that there were three staff warnings from three staff members and your auction wasn't closed, you may want to thank them for being so patient with you.

    Any real staff rudeness is reportable. Even if it is very, very minor, they still want to hear about it. No staff member wants to make a player feel like they are being treated unfairly, and they would rather hear about if a player feels like they were wronged so that they can explain better or apologize for a miscommunication.

    Otherwise, I wish you luck in whatever you plan on dedicating your time to (as long as it is good of course lol). :)
  6. An JK it wasnt the bumping. It was other ingame reasons
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  7. He will always return to his original home, once you join there is no escaping...
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  8. Marshmallow369 has decided to have a break they are not leaving completely, from time to time most players do take a break from minecraft and emc. There is nothing bad in this, they have stated that someone was rude to them I don't know the circumstances so I can't comment I would only suggest if they feel upset try talk it out with CM's Krysyyjane or Maxarias if they don't want to do that then that is ok.

    It would have been better not to have mentioned that in the thread as they have chosen to not get closure by discussing and resolving it with Staff. However it has been but we can still chose to ignore it and avoid creating drama over it.

    Marshmallow369 I hope you enjoy your break and come back soon we all fall out with ppl at times and having a break does help.
  9. Thanks silk!!
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  10. Yeah, school's got me feeling some type of way this year, hours and hours of homework every night + athletics + clubs leaves you barely any time to do anything.

    Have a nice break marshmallow.
  11. I've cleaned up this goodbye thread. If you want to discuss this further with reference to these threads in general (not this specific one), you can start a new debate, but keep in mind that rudeness is never tolerated.
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