A Empire Minecraft Short Story, By: HelloKittyRo

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Do you think that this story gave a lesson on bullying?

Yes, I also think it was a good story. 11 vote(s) 73.3%
I think it gave a lesson, but it wasn't a good story. 3 vote(s) 20.0%
I think it was a good story, but it gave no lesson. 0 vote(s) 0.0%
I think it was a good story and it did have a good lesson, not a great one. 3 vote(s) 20.0%
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  1. Hi y'all! This is a story thread. It's about a random story in Empire-Minecraft I'm going to make up. It is not really, It is a made up story. I hope you enjoy.

    Empire-Minecraft Story
    By: HelloKittyRo
    Illustrated By: HelloKittyRo
    One day, a young girl, named SydneyDoesMC joined the Empire. She joined on SMP4, and she started out and some people where mean to her. They said stuff like Hey, nice skin! Where did you get it? www.DerpySkins.com? LOL! She felt sad that people where making fun of her skin. So she talked to a Señor Mod, she talked to RainbowChin. (RainbowChin is a Señor Mod and is Female.)
    SydneyDoesMC talked to RainbowChin about what had happened. RainbowChin Said, "Don't worry about what other people say, there just trying to be mean because someone bullied them before."
    SydneyDoesMc said, "Thank you for your help RainbowChin, but could you talk to him?" RainbowChin Said, "Who's Him? You used a Pro-Noun instead of his name, I prefer his name, please." SydneyDoesMc said, "His name is xXJeffDaKillerXx." RainbowChin said, "Oh I know him, he's been a bully for years in this server. We've been trying to ban him, but he said he did nothing, But we all knew he lied." SydneyDoesMC Said, "I wish you could ban him, after all, we would have no more bullies, because, I heard he's the only bully in the server." RainbowChin said, "That's correct, he's the only bully in the server. I'm going to tell every mod and staff that we need to ban him Today. This is very important that it stops, thank you for telling me, SydneyDoesMC." SydneyDoesMc said, "No problem, RainbowChin, now go ban him!" The next thing SydneyDoesMC knew was that RainbowChin had left the server to go tell all the staff. In the next 10 minutes, RainbowChin came back with great news. xXJeffDaKillerXx was ban. That met no more bullying, and the server could live a happy life.
    THE END.
    Hey guys, thanks for reading my story! I hoped you enjoyed it. Please leave a comment and answer the poll. I hope you are having a nice day. Bye!

  2. Hi guys, I know I'm commenting on my own Thread, but I feel like it:D. Anyways, choose kindness, don't ever be mean, and the story did give a lesson by the way, if you didn't see it, read it till you find the lesson, you don't have to thow. th-1.jpeg th.jpeg
  3. Lol I know that we have already gone over how Rainbow is male, but I find it funny that in this story he is some sort of Señor-Female abomination.:eek:
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  4. Ok, just choose Kindness! :D
  5. If the website works guys, if it doesn't sorry.
  6. I just read "Lol I know that we have already gone over how Rainbow is made"
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  7. This is the best story I've heard in a while. It has everything: Drama, comedy, love, friendship, happiness and a strong message of peace and equality among everyone.
    Señor Chin, the female, should be honored upon seeing this thread. And thank goodness you used a Pro-noun, not an amateur one. Now if only all the bullies could be gone from the server...
    10/10 would read again.

  8. I couldn't have worded that better.
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  9. I'd like to make a quick feedback post about this story.

    Making bullying the point of the story is brilliant, but including popular memes and creepypastas can also lower ones happiness.

    Good luck with any future stories.
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  10. Omg, thank you for such a nice comment. I support everything you said in this comment.
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  11. Thank you!
  12. Thank you, that did give me some feedback on the story.
  13. Thank you guys so much for the nice comments, you know it makes me feel good that you guys are supporting this.
    Also, for a heads up, I'm making anther story! You pushed all my confidence guys, thank you for that.
  14. Hahahaha, it had been long since I laughed out loud by reading a post on EMC, thank you! xD

    To HelloKittyRo: I think the poll is missing one of the possible opinions, which makes some people not be able to vote.
  15. Guys, This thread is very old. I can't believe I'm even starting it up again.
  16. You're doing it, though. Any idea as to the reason of it?
  17. I just want people to read it and see what I'm trying to teach them.
  18. I liked reading that story.

    And as to age; I've seen older threads, no problems there. Nice going! Unfortunately I think that bullying is something you'll never be able to completely root out, but on a server such as EMC most people will surely give it their best.
  19. ShelLuser, one word, beleive.