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  1. Recently, I can't help but feel like there is a lot of bad luck and bad karma coming my way. Most of it I will not talk about in the public forum, but today's event was just another addition to it. I like to think of myself as a nice person. I'll say that and not feel big-headed. But seriously.. I've had enough bad karma to last me a lifetime (operations, car crashes, bullying, heartbreak, etc.). Can I get some good vibes over here please!

    This was today at work, in broad daylight..

    I should probably just start making weekly posts about my misfortunes.
  2. was this your car?
  3. Ouch, that is bad karma...
    Did they take anything from you?!

    I think you deserve a letter of apology from Mr. Bad Karma ...
  4. Sure is Jeff.
  5. god that sucks the only thing that has happened to my car is someone slashed my tires (cut holes in them) and keyed my passenger door
  6. Welcome to the club.
  7. Holy Cow! Thats...... very unfortunate :( Would cost a fortune to fix too! Any Idea what on EMC happened?
  8. Likely just some lowlife angry about something and whacked it on their way past.
  9. What a jerk. Lets just hope that karma makes them drop their icecream.
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  10. It's good if he drops it, helps ICC's icecreamness. And bad luck haley D: 1 of my friends yesterday was rear ended by a van...
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  11. or stand on a lego :(
  12. That's just awful! So sorry you had deal with the results of someone else's selfish thoughtlessness. Not cool. Sending good vibes your way.
  13. hmm. i see heartbreak up there ;) im just teasing hope your luck changes
  14. Seems like a good time for a vacation.
  15. Oh, you are not wrong there. I have 9 more weeks of school and then finals before I can even consider a vacay.. and my vacay plans I had are very uncertain as of lately, but I hopefully will get it sorted.
  16. That sucks.
    My sister-in-law had the same thing happen about a week ago. She was out w/ friends at a restaurant, came out & out of the entire full parking lot, her car was the only one broken into. She's a blood drawing tech & the only thing they stole was her backpack with her stethoscope & tube strippers inside.

    When I was a cop, saw this type of thing a lot. Happens quite a bit in broad daylight and honestly most people won't even say that they witnessed the whole thing because they don't want to get involved. All it takes is 1 person calling the police & it would cut down on issues like this. Usually the stolen items aren't recovered, although they're usually quite close to the scene. They'll take a bag or whatever they were after, go through it, toss it in the nearest trashcan/dumpster and just walk away.

    Don't mean to talk about myself on your thread, just letting you know that everyone goes through garbage at one point or another. Karma will eventually catch up to whoever did it, it always does. And don't worry, life will get better. :D
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  17. i see thefts and other things all the time where i live i was watching my brother's high school football game when i heard a lot of talking underneath the bleacher's so i look over the rail and see a bunch of guys going through some backpacks so i went to the high school security office and they catch some of the kids the other's ran off when they heard us yelling at them turns out they where students stealing from some of the band children.( off topic but just a story i thought i would share)
  18. hope u lost nothing, everything that has happened here is life, everything that will happen is life, theres no changing that, life will get good, i had such bad luck for a year, i never won a raffle, my dad got our family so many scratchies, we won 10$, i broke my ankle, this year life has been great, i won $150 on a scratchy won 3 raffles, and got to meet travis pastrana in the race car pits xD, i know this is nothing to do with what ur going threw, but I'm just letting you know that there isn't just black skies ahead, theres also rainbows and unicorns, nobody in lie is unlucky, peoples good and bad times come and go, but unfortunately at this time things are happening to you, its not karma, its life. and if you don't realise theres almost 44000 players here for you excluding the banned ones as they are a example of who do things like what happened to u except in game, ill be here anytime if you have a chat. :)
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  19. This is really sad, and i hope you recover (mentally if your stressed and financially from the damages)
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  20. Did you read the news today to. I feel bad for you.