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  1. Like the title suggests, I'm going to start taking a break from EMC starting October 1st. I feel like the only reason I even go on EMC right now is to gaze at my wealth, but even that gets boring, because that's all I really have to do at the moment since nothing new has been released in such a long time.

    The main reason I'm taking a break, however, is because of all this unnecessary drama coming from every direction. Drama and arguments are everywhere and unfortunately, since I have such a colorful collection of friends, I'm usually pulled into it. As many of you know, I'm not exactly the most ... well, to be blunt I have anger problems, pretty badly, which have been getting worse as of late due to the above mentioned problems. I think all I really need is a break from the server, mumble and website just to cool my head down a bit.

    As such, I'll be staying off of EMC and Mumble for a month, just to see if my mood improves at all. I'll still be voting so nobody takes my residences, but I won't be responding to any private messages or wall posts. This isn't in retaliation towards any specific person, I just think it'd be best for everyone if I solved my anger problems so I don't end up screaming at someone so intensely that I break the sound barrier.

    For now, I'll be on the rest of September, but after that I think this "vacation" of mine will help me quite a lot.
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  2. We understand, have a good break and come back full of energy :D
  3. Am I the only one that doesn't see much of this? It's our job as staff to make sure everyone's having fun, and this statement doesn't apply to you but anyone that considers themselves a victim in any way of drama/arguments. However I really don't see it, so when someone breaks the rules please do report it. Perhaps it's just a different kind of drama you're referencing, or you might like to PM me some examples?

    Nevertheless, best of luck during your break we're be glad to welcome you back at any point :)
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  4. I understand where you're coming from, and I hope that you enjoy your break and return to us whenever you're ready. :)
  5. i really don't see it either, like alex said. =\
    i don't want to sound rude or anything but maybe its because of the selection of friends you have? perhaps they are immature and like to cause these kinds of things? its good to cut people out who can't act their age and distance themselves from gossip and issues sprung about childishly.
    i may be wrong, or it may have been too bold to have said that. please forgive me if i step on anyone's toes :p

    but i have found myself in that kind of spot with people who just don't knock it off, i don't talk to them much anymore. i hope you don't leave forever, this community is a great place for friendships and fun. though i hope you have a good vacation, whatever will you do with your time? :eek: if i didn't have EMC every day... i don't know the types of insanity that would nestle in my head
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  6. Remember that if you are wanting to explain the situations in more detail that you reference, my inbox is always open.

    If not, we will be here when you return and I hope you find what you are looking for with regards to tranquility, etc.
  7. Always focus on what makes you happy.

    It was an honor playing with you for now.
  8. Hm, I'm wondering about the drama, but a break can't be bad, right? :)
    As long as you still come back, of course ;)
  9. When I read the title - I honestly thought of this:

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  10. Wow, 4 :eek:
  11. I sense drama regulairy to, but learned to ignore it a bit. other 'worlds' i have seen bigger drama that hit myself hard to. I understand KiraShizumi. Not useing mumble, it dont add much except possible more drama. To much social ends many times in drama. sounds weird but thats my experience.

    607, that kitkat is not big enough :rolleyes:
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  12. Made me buy a kitkat :confused:
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  13. i never have any drama on mumble. and im usually the loudest one i dont understand peple mang
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