A bit of info about me :D

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  1. Hi, my name is werewolf086 an I'm not new to EMC, I just wanted to let you all get to know me better since we will probably be seeing each other alot. Here are some important things to know about me

    . I am interested in werewolves, as you can tell by my name
    . I take archey in real life and love it, it's also my fav attack style in-game. Even my skin is me as an archer =D
    . I play about 10 instruments, some better than others. Worst being guitar,and the best, piano.
    . I am friendly, so don't be afraid to approach me with questions or comments
    . I am usually on EMCs website a bunch and will respond to your questions within 12 hours, and 1 hour if I'm awake

    That's pretty much it >_<
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  2. cool nice to meet u
  3. You too ;)
  4. hey i am good at arcehry as well nice to meet you
  5. werewolf what server do u play on
  6. thanks werewolf you got me the first message trophy
  7. Welcome to the club.
  8. do u like cats or dogs better?
  9. What flavor is best?
  10. flavor for wat?
  11. your confusling me nerone
  12. grape
  13. or chocolate
  14. Hey man nice to meet u i just joined and feel welcomed :)
  15. Dude i play piano and im amazing at it and i do archery i real life and its my favorite weapon in the game

    king's ranger

  16. i am sorry to inform you but i am team vampire. so. :p
  17. no. no. no. no. no team i sparkle. no. no team twilight. no nothing. just... actual vampires. you know, the ones that burn in sunlight. the ones that aren't .. well i can't say these things on this forum :) so i'll just say it in my head _______! anyway. i like the vampires like Underworld.. not. sparkle, and scream retarded.