9990 EMC Museum!

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  1. EMC Museum !

    Status: Open and being redone.

    Location: 9990 and 9991 on SMP4

    The Goal of this museum is to teach the members of EMC about its past and current history through the custom items created by EMC. Visitors will be able to view items that are hard to learn about other wise. I wish to create an Ingame wiki for all custom items.

    Items Museum is buying/trading

    None ATM

    Note: Any item that is quite rare but not listed here doesn't mean I don't need it but it's not on my list of priorities for the museum yet. If you have one of these items and you are wishing to sell just PM me.

    What to donate?
    Send me a PM!
    All donators will be recognized!

    Current Donators:
    Olaf_C - Referral blocks + 800k.
    MagisterDelirus- 1.5 Million
    Ltcaptainme 20k
    ProxyPD maps!

    Want to Loan an Item?
    Send me a PM!
    The rules of the loan will be set by the loaner.
    All Loaners will be recognized!

    Current Loaners:
    1. Ashblue678
    2. Ice_lightning

    The museum can be visted right now but items are currently in preview chests Instead of the items frames...
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  2. I'd like to enter the opening giveaway, thanks!

    Nice to hear a new museum is starting up on another server. I'll be sure to check it out when it's open. From one museum owner to another, the best of luck to you in your build! :)
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  3. Sounds nice! I will make sure to check it out. Sending 20K your way
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  4. I would like to join the contest.
  5. Very nice.
    Unfortunately I don't have any of these items, sorry. Best of luck getting them though ^-^

    Also enter me on the giveaway if you will good sir :)
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  6. More museums are always better. :) I may be able to sell you some of those items. Shoot me a PM in game sometime
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  7. I want to join the contest!
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  8. Count me in
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  9. Good luck with your museum :)
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  10. Best of luck with your museum. I am slowly visiting them all and enjoying them, so looking forward to see another design :)
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  11. I'll check it out once it's open.
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  12. I would like to enter please.
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  13. If there's any more spots, I'd love to join the contest. I'll send a couple thousand rupees your way when I can get on again!
    Thank you! ;)
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  14. gg about the museum crafter :D and I would like to enter to! :D :)
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  15. maybe tip: use flag is off, so we cant push buttons 2 learn more about items ^.^

    like what u build so far!
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