[966 - MagnusMercrator] Selling promos, rares & other things!

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  1. Hello there everyone!

    This is our official selling thread. We will add more items whenever we want to sell something. All items can be found at the MagnusMercrator, at 966 on smp1, in the promo section. Here are the promos and rares that we currently sell:
    • Stable Vouchers, 7,500 rupees each
    • 3x Dragon Stone, 19,999 rupees each
    • 3x Iron Supporter Voucher, 115,000 rupees each
    • 1x Momentus Toothpick, 99999 24,999 rupees SOLD
    • Vault Vouchers, 11500 10999 10799 rupees each
    And here is the other items list:
    • 2 double chests of Gunpowder, 4 rupees each, 256 rupees for a stack
    • Half a double chest of Snow Blocks, 5 rupees each, 320 rupees for a stack
    The list will get updated when new items get added, or when old items get sold out. :)


    TomvanWijnen & Jelle68
  2. The toothpick goes for about 25k now...
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  3. Bump, still many items in stock! :)
  4. Lowered the price of the toothpick to 24999 rupees. :)
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  5. Bring Up My Posts BUMP :)
  6. I'd like 2 stacks of gunpowder please! :D

    And on a totally unrelated note, your name isn't Latin for The Big Merchant is it? If so, thats awesome! I am in Latin class now lol
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  7. Jup, DatFoxMan, that's wat our alt's name meas. (don't you think that Santa is a big merchant :) )
    and, whould you like to get the Gunpowder with mail or something, or are you just coming to 966 to buy it?
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  8. All items can be found at 966, on smp1. :) If you want us to mail something, please ask, we'd gladly do it for you. :)
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  9. Alright thanks for the clarification, just though the items were on display, I will come by and get em later tonight :)
  10. Nah, that's always so annoying, when you know the items are there, and you know the price, but you can't get them yet, because the dude isn't online. :p
    Also, both Jelle and I are really busy with school, so usually we have (almost) no time during the workdays, so that would make it even more inconvenient.
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  11. Gotcha, On my way to go collect the gunpowder now :D
  12. Time for a BUMP :)
  13. Lowered the price of the Vault Vouchers! Now they cost only 10799 rupees each! :) Come find them, and all other items, at 966, on smp1. :)
  14. Bump! Added a little more stock! :)
  15. let's have a bump! :)
  16. Oh, wow it's time for another bump I think...
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  19. Let's have a bump :)
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  20. Bump :) Still three Iron Supporter Vouchers in stock, is 115Kr to much? If yes, say what the curent price is AND why you think it is (so you can't say "I think they''re worth 10r, SELL THEM TO MEH") ;)