9 Truths 1 Lie & If You Could Go Back

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  1. Hai Empire!
    So on the lovely Colours!3D community 2 'games' have been going around called "9 Truths 1 Lie" and "If You Could Go Back"
    I thought it'd be a good idea to bring these games into the EMC community so we could all discuss them and even have a go at them ourselves :p

    Explaining Time :3

    9 Truths 1 Lie:
    Basically you write a list of 10 things about yourself
    1 of which, is a lie
    Other members then have to guess which one is a lie (hey, maybe even give out a little prize!)
    I've done this one myself but my lie is kinda hard unless you know me pretty well

    50r for whoever guesses first :D
    DemonThunder345 guessed right, 8 is the lie. I don't own an XBox :p

    Oh and if you do this yourself please don't reply to every single guess separately , let 3 or so stack up and reply to them all at once... Unless the first one if the right answer, of course :p

    If You Could Go Back:
    Basically in this game, you talk to your past self
    This one is super hard to explain so I'll just post an example...
    (I haven't done this one myself yet)

    Slightly bad example, I found 3 better ones but I found them slightly 'inappropriate':
    (I have warned you!)
    (Swearing) http://colorslive.com/details/1592114 <( The one which started it all, one of my faves
    (Swearing) http://colorslive.com/details/1591932
    (Body? Not to bad, honestly) http://colorslive.com/details/1600841

    I might do one of my own but I really can't remember what I was like when I was younger...

    I know both of them are in picture form but it's just as easy to type them
    If you look in the desc of the last 'inappropriate' If I Could Go Back that's one way of doing it (Young: [talking] Older: [Talking])
    For the 9 Truths 1 Lie you can just number them all :p

    If you have any questions feel free to ask!

    Thanks for reading~
  2. Is number 9 the lie? :3
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  3. 1. I love drawing
    2. I hate math class
    3. I love chocolate
    4. I am afraid of hights
    5. I dislike windows products
    6. I love acting
    7. I love breakdancing
    8. I play violin
    9. I do fencing
    10. I have a brother and sister
    200r to who ever can get it right.
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  4. 1 number 6 is lie
    2 i have two hands
    3 i have two hands
    4 i have two hands
    5 i have two hands
    6 number 1 is true
    7 i have two hands
    8 i have two hands
    9 i have two hands
    10 i have two hands

    paradox ftw
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  5. Nope :p
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  6. 1. I love doing research projects.
    2. I'm an adrenaline junkie.
    3. I love roller coasters.
    4. I have a two year old son.
    5. I've been married since may 21, 2011
    6. I've traveled over seas.
    7. I'm a procrastinator.
    8. I have an xbox live account.
    9. I work in a call center.
    10. I am 24 years old.

    EDIT: 50r for the first one to get the lie.
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  7. There's always one... -.-
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  8. Lol no
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  9. 3. You read it quicker?
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  10. Number 7
  11. 2?
  12. Nope, I wish I could though :p

    Someone mentions the word 'shopping' and I flinch

    Hint: My lie is so well hidden, I feel so evil :3
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  13. 9?
    Just a random guess :p
  14. Number 8
  15. *clap clap*
    Yay someone got it (After 5 guesses lol)
    50r coming your way when I next get online :p
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  16. nope :)
  17. 5
  18. Nope. It will take a while for someone to guess mine.
  19. Might as well have another guess :p
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  20. We have a winner. :p
    200r going to you soon :)