9/11 Never Forget Memorial

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    As September 11th 2014 comes and goes, let us not forget what happened 13 years ago.

    As a memorial to the attacks on 9/11 I built twin towers in my SMP1 Outpost, DrowScape, and this will be their 2 year anniversary.

    This is what DrowScape looks like today,


    "This is a day when all Americans from every walk of life unite in our resolve for justice and peace. America has stood down enemies before, and we will do so this time. None of us will ever forget this day, yet we go forward to defend freedom and all that is good and just in our world."
    -George Bush

    God Bless America

    9/11 Never Forget
  2. The things I would say, but won't because last time this subject came up my comment was deleted
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  3. I knew there was something that was supposed to happen today - I just now, thanks to this thread, realized what...

    I do not mean to be disrespectful in any way, but I think people should stop dwelling on the past (people in my school didn't even acknowledge this day last year, so that's a sign to me >.>) and move forward. I mean, yes, 9/11 was a tragedy and should never be repeated again - but it will. And we need people on the lookout for these threats, so that less lives will be lost because the country/police/military was prepared, or the threat was destroyed completely.

    On a different note; your memorial looks amazing :D
  4. If ever you must make a statement prefaced with "I do not mean to be disrespectful", it will always be disrespectful, so it shouldn't be said.

    Easy for you to say this when you didn't lose someone close to you. Lose one (or both as the case may have been) of your parents, or your spouse, or your child, and then 13 years later say "Oh well, it's in the past, lets move on". Over 3000 people, think about that number next time you open your mouth to say they shouldn't be honored. That's 3000 fathers, mothers, sons, daughters, wifes, husbands, people.
  5. Well said! This country is not safer today, those who forget the past are doomed to repeat it. If you think those dirt bags are not planning on attacking us again, you are fooling yourself. 9/11 is a reminder to NEVER forget the attack on American soil. "Move on..." wow, just wow....
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  6. What happened to the /v 911 memorial? That residence used to have a huge ''9/11 never forget'' sign on it. I think it's been reset?
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  7. As people have said, it is difficult if you have lost relatives or friends in the disaster. I believe the focus should have been on remembering the victims, right from the start. The emotional reaction to 9/11 has created laws and policies which have, over the past 13 years, worsened the international situation in the world. The PATRIOT Act was passed, destroying key civil liberties, the 'War on Terror' has served only to aggravate the destabilization of the Middle East, and arms exports continue to rise.

    Look at how Norway reacted to the Utoya shooting and Oslo bombing by Anders Behring Breivik, they changed no laws or policies. In doing this, they effectively showed every fascist in Norway that any violent efforts they pursued to bring about a totalitarian state would fail. Hence, all future fascists will pursue political means of advocacy, as opposed to violent means. However, the US's reaction showed Islamists their terrorism would be successful by changing their policy and weakening internationally, and the product of all of that has been the Islamic State.

    Other Islamist extremist groups have advocated the establishment of a state to represent all Muslims, but the Islamic State has been the first to claim to be a legitimate government of such a state, and the first to acquire a tangible territory, across Iraq and Syria, to back that claim. All because they knew they could.

    So no, Soul, we shouldn't forget about people who lost their lives on 9/11. Instead, we must not allow terrorism to influence our international law and policy.
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  8. Easy there killer, Soul does have a point (even if it might have been phrased poorly).
    "Moving on" isn't disrespectful to those lost, or the loved ones they left behind. It's part of the grieving process, and something this country desperately needs to do.
    9-11-01 severely damaged our cultural psyche - a foreign power attacked us on our own soil, cost the lives of 3000 innocent people, and destroyed one of the landmark symbols of the nation. That kind of act leaves an impression, but we can't allow it to define who we are. Yes, we were hurt, but we need to let the wounds heal. Historic dates come with a year, for good reason: it's not simply September 11th, it was September 11th, 2001.
    A lot has changed in thirteen years - Bin Laden is dead, the newly rebuilt 1 WTC is the tallest building in the western hemisphere (counting the spire), and Hollywood... well, I'll leave that one to speak for itself.

    This much, I agree with.

    Those lost will never be forgotten - neither by the families left behind, or the memorials erected in their honor.

    I think Azura said it best:
    "All fates sealed, and sins redeemed. If you have pity, mourn the lost - but let the weeping cease."
  9. Excuse me? I have lost people close to me. People I grew up with and were like parents/siblings to me. Yes, I was sad for awhile, but after a year I paid my respects and still cried a bit, but after two years I realized it was time to move on because they would want me to do that. Many of their lives were taken prematurely.

    I understand that this is different since it was an attack to make a statement and those people weren't 'supposed' to die like that and they left behind families; but I know someone whose dad died in that attack and they think with the same mentality as me.

    I would just like to point out that I had just woken up and phrased the original post poorly. It did come across as a bit..err....y'know. If you can advise me on where to edit that post, i'll make changes where they need to changed.
    Can I just say that many other countries have been attacked on their own soil through acts of terror (For example, the Warrington Bombing by the IRA, 7/7 by Jihadists, the Oslo bombings) and they are all pretty much forgotten.

    And yes. Move on. So much wow.
  10. I had in fact forgotten about this until our English teacher reminded us, but I'm Dutch, so yeah... I know what this is though, I think I asked you last year. I wonder if people will do this sort of thing with the plane incident lately too.
  11. People won't.

    Also, which plane incident? There's been about 3-4 of them this year >.>
  12. Thanks for building this! True respect!
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  13. I doubt there is anyone that hasn't lost someone close to them. However, You sound very, very disrespectful. People eventually move on, but 9/11 was the greatest terrorist attack on U.S soil, so it is not something to just move on about. Some people were hurt more than others, but the point is that they should be remembered. I live in in Newtown, Connecticut so having someone say "move on" to something that is fairly recent considering the scale of what happened is just down right rude. I still get the chills whenever December 14th comes by, even though I didn't lose anyone it still greatly affected my town and who I am as a person. Terrorist attacks are inevitable, no one can stop something 100%. The last part of what you said is the worst and I think you should re-read what you post before you post it :).
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  14. The bickering in this post needs to stop NOW. Everyone is entitled to his/her own opinion. Granted, you may not agree with them, but it is not your place to attack them for their opinion.

    This post was made by a member of our community to show how he honors the fallen and remembers the attack. It was not made to start a political war. If it continues as a political/personal war, it will be locked.
  15. I have always felt bad for those I know who have lost a someone close to them due to an act of terrorism, and this is a really neat build, drowpassed. Thanks for building and sharing it :)
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  16. Agreed, atleast the person(s) who did It got what they derserved.

    Never forget 9/11 -Meerkat Person
  17. No they didn't. They didn't deserve death, death is too easy.
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  18. Especially when they were practically among the first to die.