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Discussion in 'Community Discussion' started by goofballbroker, Jul 13, 2014.

  1. Hey everyone! I don't know if you noticed, but we just passed 80,000 members as shown on the forums!

    Nice work Empire!

    *cough* promo please *cough*
  2. EDIT: Whoops I just noticed it was 80k forum members xD
  3. TransForumers! EMC Heroes!
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  4. Yay! Nice job, EMC! Thanks for all the work that the staff have done to get us this far! :D
  5. Woot! I know people would love some new promos... but we just did so many for I Day, its a bit too early to do another one :(

    However, who says we can't have a celebratory Aikar style drop party on Tuesday when we arrive at Krysyy's house?!
  6. :( And even if we did have a promo, I'd rather it be like the 60k member promos rather than these free ones.
  7. How about a Forum-Promo.
    It is pretty much you giving all of the forum members a promotional 8 million rupees.
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  8. /eco give skydragonv8 8000000
    I had to miss your last one, so, yeah, I'm excited. :p
  10. /r adjust skydragonv8 8000000*
  11. /radjust skydragonv8 8000000 Forum Promotion*

    (aikat changed it when tokens were released and we can give reasons too)
  12. Fixed for ya
  13. Is that what ICC did to me a few years ago? but to 0?

  14. Yep, near same command, though it's been tweaked a bit. Nowadays we can put a note so it would say a reason instead of just "Adjusted By" =)

    It is quite a wonderful tool.
  15. Oooh like purged? Like when aikar purged them semi-recently?

    (I had them purged because this acct is banned and it annoyed me to see rupees in it)
  16. Yeah. The purge system did not exist during the first rupee wipe you had. Now it wipes out everything in one go (if working correctly).