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  1. HAY GUYS i know i might sound like a newbie but if someone can make me a like profile picture and those things that come up in chat if u are really good and can make me both then message me on forums and do one for me i will pay u between 80k and 110k who knows just message if u can plzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz
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  2. Do you mean a Signature or a Profile Picture?
    What do you want on it?
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  3. ooooooo the signature the one tht gos in chat when u speek
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  4. Like what is under my text?
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  5. - Don't spam.

    Ok, so SkyDragon has found out your at least looking for a signature (as seen below each of Sky's posts here on forums), but what sort of signature are you after? A standard vote for empire? or something tailored towards yourself?

    If towards your self then we need some questions answered;
    • What business/services do you deal in (are you wanting to advertise yourself)
    • What building style do you prefer?
    • Are you wanting a landscape shot or a solid background?
    • Text included? What do you want it to say? (see business/services for ideas)
    We'll start with these and build from there.
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  6. i prefer modern houses and mansions for my style
    like a building business
    a landscape background
    boom inc for the thing it says
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  7. Well can I get some pictures, or locations of some of your builds for use? as standard google images' would be a miss-advertisement of your business.
  8. How does this look? I can change it however you want.

    This was just quick, I can put a picture of a build in the background if you post a picture of one.
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  9. boozle i like
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