75,000 Member Giveaway!

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  1. To celebrate 75 THOUSAND registered users on our website I'm giving away a total of 75k. Simply to enter this tell my why you could benefit from the rupees and I will pick one lucky person to receive it. I'm particularly looking for cool builds, or relatively new players looking to expand their res/shop. Before anyone asks, no I'm not leaving :D
  2. I am attempting to build this

    It's going to need lots of stone and wool to build
    Edit: I will also make this into a small iron and slime mall on the top floor, stocked with possibly other items.
  3. Money is the root of all evil. Let me take your burden for you! Also, still in need of money for the good samaritan award. Pay IceCreamHorse what you think is good.
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  4. I will finish my 20.000 blocks long Wild highway in smp7.
  5. I have decided to build a horse racing stadium using my massive plot on the utopia server. This is going to be a MASSIVE undertaking that will require an enormous amount of material to complete. My intention is to open this raceway as a public event stadium where scheduled races could be performed with spectators betting on the winners (I already have a simple plan on how to manage bets on each race that would prevent cheating or issues). If you feel this is a worthy cause then I thank you.
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  6. Cool! :) I don't really think I need the money though, others may be able to do better things with it :)
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  7. I would use it to make more shops across the smps we have almost finished the 1 on smp4(9299) and we are quickly runninG out of materials for r smp9 1(18818)

    La.inc is planning to build 1 on smp3 and smp5 but we are not entirely sure. Because of money if I get 75k there will 99% chance they will be there unless some other stuff becomes involved
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  8. I have so many projects on EMC. Many are incomplete due to limited funds and the 75k would help these projects come to life.


    This was supposed to be the TP room of my mega mall project. It lies abandoned due to lack of funds.


    And this is my farm. Again, due to lack of funds it was never completed.

    For the reasons above, this is why I believe I deserve the 75k.
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  9. I wouldn't say i Deserve anything, but rupees would help me finish my Hall of Memories at 18077, and also my Skyscraper at 19444. :D
    Your call obviously.
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  10. I want to build a shop on res number 19111 or maybe 19101 thx
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  11. I want to build a shop on 8667, I've been thinking about it for a long time and think "75,000 rupees! A fraction of that is what I desire!" It wouldn't be huge like 9000, but it would be fairly priced and kept in stock with the general necessities, e.g. Ores, wood, wool and dyes. I also want to put in a shoutout for SkareCBoi, he has built a huge, working public sugarcane farm at which you can sell paper! I think he deserves to get something back from the community apart from tonnes of paper! Anyways, I really appreciate your doing this for EMC! This is the sort of thing that keeps it popular! :D
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  12. The 75k would go 50k to me for my new building at 6025 and the other 25k would be given out 2k to every new member that joins SMP3 and stays. I will definitely put your name as the building at 6025 which I hope to be a overall build for the community of smp3.
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  13. i like money
    that is why i deserve the money
  14. I am a new player not even 75 days old so the 75k would help me on my utopia res for the payment for the building blocks and on my smp6 res it is a super small shop bearly any chests and i would give some to my friends on the server most likely 15k each so this 75k would mean a lot to me if i can win this
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  15. Redesigning my Mega Mall on Smp8. Need the funds since I will need lots of DC's of Netherbrick and a few DC's of Quartz Block
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  16. click the button in my signature that says "building services" to see my past builds. and if you would like to see my personal build it is on smp5 10492. as well as all of that the following link is a picture of what i will soon start, it is a project ive had planned for a while that will be built for EMC itself. most of the money will go towards not only that project but the build im going to make before the on in the link which will be for new players joining the server (a small shop that sells quite a few different starter items for very little if not for free) to start them off.
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  17. Let me put it this way: I am making an EMC museum, and I need money for promos. But why should you give that money to me, right? There are tons of museums! Mine couldn't possibly be any different, huh?
    Wrong. This will be the most unique museum ever to be built on the Empire. I'll upload some screenshots of test builds later, but for now, know that each and every promo/rare will get its own room. This is a minecart adventure that will take you through the End, Nether, wild (you've never seen Marlix's lair, have you?), two separate towns (every res is a unique building housing a promo!) and even the inner workings of Aikar's code! I've begun building samples of some town buildings, which you'll see in a few hours. But for now, here are the things my museum will have to offer:
    The EMC Adventure (see above for short description)
    Gift Shop: You'll be able to buy everything from custom museum maps and dyed armor to extra promos and even books related to life in the Promo Town!
    Item Directory: Don't want to take the time to explore the adventure? This organized directory will contain teleports to EVERY individual item as well as a wiki link for every item!
    Museum Directory: Don't like my museum? Here are some others you can check out!
    Anyway, this project needs a LOT of funding. So this why I need 75k! However, if others need it more than I do, please prioritize their needs.
    Thanks for holding this giveaway! Stay tuned for more screenshots!
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  18. Wow I'm excited now! :D
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  19. I would use the money to help fund further development of my Mega Mall. 14010. I would also use it for part of the prize fund for my Who Is The Fastest Typer On EMC Competition. I want to give something back to the community and this would help :)

    Edit ** I would also use the money to help fund my Turtle Temple as well :p
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  20. 75k would help me with various builds including re-opening a mall and an SMP9 outpost that has yet to be built (have location)
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