730 rupee for an enchant table?

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  1. Today I paid 730 rupee for "1 enchant table," which was the asked price.
    This guy responded to my question kindly and quickly made one for me and told me the price.

    But just when I was told by somebody else here in the forum that the average market price for an enchant table could be something around 150 - 180. I was a little bit confused, got a little suspicious. I couldn't find an enchant table at the shop (/shop) and didn't know how to know the descent price.

    I know I just paid the asked price so I am not going to complain to the seller about it or anything. I just want to know if I paid a descent amount for it or I was a little too ignorant.

    I am very new to the server and actually even to any multiplay of MC itself and don't know many things.
    Thanks in advance!
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  2. That was a high price you paid, but some player charge high and others not so. Try a few malls for items you can /v +mall or /v + shop on each server each time you enter this it should take you to a different mall or shop. You can also try the malls in my signature below.
  3. OK, I thought so. Anyway, thank you for letting me know! I am definitely going to visit your shop next time I buy anything.
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  4. Yeah, you overpaid. They are worth around 150r at the moment. Next time you have a question, you can just ask in chat and someone will probably answer.
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  5. thanks! I will.
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  6. If you wanna price check something I would recommend going to these malls. 19000 (SMP9), 2000 (SMP1), 6697 (SMP3).
  7. Thank you, I will.
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  8. Check your Rupees, I'm feeling kind so I gave you 730r to make up for it :)
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  9. Here's some math for you, based on the prices of 1112 and 2000 (both large malls):
    1 diamond: 70r*2 = 140r
    1 obsidian: 15r*4 = 60r
    1 book: ~10r *1 = 10r
    Therefore, a good price for an enchtable would be around 210r.
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  10. Oh, Jee! You are so kind to do that! Thank you so much.
    I was thinking I learned a good lesson but ended up paying nothing for the lesson!
    I will definitely do something I can for you to make it up sometime!
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  11. Ha ha it's fine. Just glad I could help!
  12. Makes good sense. Good to know the basic way of thinking. Thanks.
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  13. thanks for the reply.
    730r was what I had to pay to learn some great lesson about economy :)
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  14. You got ripped off period. always check around before paying someone directly without a shop
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  15. And you got a free enchtable with that deal :p
    That's a great attitude. We need more of that these days, so that enchtable is now free :)
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  16. Cost: 730r + forum post

    Return: enchantment table + 730r
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